Evolve PC preload downloading properly now


Despite the “shadow” downloading of the Evolve preload, I was suffering from a non-stop download. Apparently, Steam finally fixed this and Evolve is properly preloading just like any other PC game.



Preloaded for me too…


Same here, my body is ready.


Same here… seems all the stealth downloading it had done is counting :smiley:


Yeah it looks like it is finally displaying properly. My preload finished a while ago, but just now it finally shows it:



yay not a 50gb download. But i still have to wait for green man gaming to send me my code


We are ready.


Oddly, my Steam shows “Evolve - Pre-load complete; unreleased” but the main window shows “Last played 11/3/2014”, which was the Alpha.

I got my game from GreenManGaming, and they haven’t released a key, so Steam would not know about my preorder status until they release the key.


The Beta was under a different ID, but the Alpha was under the retail one. So any time played you had in the Alpha will show up and stay.


Well, that makes sense to a point. But why is it showing back up in my favorites? I removed it before the beta came in, and even removed the beta when it was over.

Steam shouldn’t be thinking I have the game ready for preload (never saw it download). To my knowledge, GMG is not synced or authorized through Valve in any way to my Steam account.


What’s with that cool theme you have?


Same thing happened to me, and I know GMG hasn’t done anything


My preload has began, it let me use the pre-load option on evolve :3


That’s the Metro theme for Steam.

[quote=“AegisKleais, post:12, topic:31510, full:true”]
Well, that makes sense to a point. But why is it showing back up in my favorites? I removed it before the beta came in, and even removed the beta when it was over.[/quote]

Probably because the ID is the same, it gets reinstated with the same properties. That would be my guess.

Some people on Reddit said it showed up in their library even though they didn’t purchase it, so maybe it’s automatically popping up on peoples’ accounts who played in Alpha, I’m not sure.



Yeah that seems to be the issue.

I went ahead and DELETED LOCAL CONTENT on it, and that seems to keep it off the screen.

GMG usually gives out keys about 2-3 days before release, so I should hopefully see it sometime this weekend. At full tilt, I pull down 3.4MB/s, so if it’s, say, 25GB, it’ll take me ~2.1 hours to download.

Did they say Evolve was gonna unlock at midnight in some timezone?


@Chloe in Squirrel’s chat said it is supposed to release at midnight in your local timezone. Tagged her so she can correct me if I’m wrong (once she’s done playing for Amazon :P).


Oh wow! That would mean that I get the unlock on Monday afternoon USA time :smiley: (UTC-7 here. About 12 hours ahead of USA)!

Also, I imagine they either didn’t flag the Alpha correctly and steam thinks alpha players are retail owners, or they’re allowing alpha players to preload just in case they do wanna play Evolve… Steam already messed up the preorder system during the BA in my region and allowed people to buy full retail keys for $4 (they missed a 0, Rp56,000 Vs Rp560,000) so it wouldn’t surprise me if BA players end up with free retail copies through another mistake!