Evolve PC pre-purchase


So i just read my email, got my code(for PC) and there was written:
Have prepurchased the game digitally? You will earn early access to the third set of Hunters, Wraith in the beta!
Is it a mistake or not ?


There was a previous topic (can’t link to it cause I’m on mobile) where they responded to this and it sounded like it was a mistake. But maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll give us t3 since they messed up :smiley:



@Plaff you can close this topic now


I thought it was for Xbone only but after getting that email too im not so sure.


I think this must be epic fail cuz Xbone players should have access into tier 3 characters even without pre-order. And PC/PS4 players should’t even if they pre-ordered the game. The whole sentence doesn’t make a sense even for Xbox, PC and PS4 players…