Evolve pc not launching (steam)


so today i was gonna play evolve with one of my buddies on steam but when i click the launch button in steam it says “preparing to launch evolve” then it just never launches with no errors or anything.


Paging @THISaint! Hopefully he can help. He’s pretty much a Steam wizard.


lol thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


I haven’t had this problem before. But I have had the game CTD 2 times yesterday while doing customs with my friends… I have no idea why it was doing it. It’s not happened before, nor since. Perhaps I can ask Saint about this as well? O.o
I don’t want to have it happen again, and wish to know if there is a way to avoid it.


Steam/Evolve/Right-click/Properties/Set Launch Options/ and type -autoconfig

Try it


i just reinstalled it and it works
lol thanks anyways


Problem solves, thread closed! :smile:



Glad it has been fixed for you! :smile: