Evolve PC Lobby Disconnects

Met a few decent randoms so we decided to party up. Everything was fine for a few matches but then one of us started to disconnect every time we found a monster. It kept happening so eventually he got frustrated and gave up after closing everything else he had open and looking for some admin setting or something like that. So we started the search with just 3 and found a hunter then it found a monster…and this time it disconnected me! Happened three more times. It always targets the same person in a row until they give up. We had played a few times together just fine and then we just couldn’t anymore.

CTD, or disconnects?
Reason I ask, is because I’ve been having CTD’s.

What is a CTD?

Crash to desktop.
Closes the game out completely.

No. Game says lobby is unavailable.

Hmm, that happens to me occasionally. Past few days it’s been CTD’s though.

That sucks. I hope someone comes forward with a solution.

Yeeep. Its pretty notorious lately. Just searching for a good 5 minutes then getting randomly booted from the lobby because the “connection was lost”…

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Notorious, huh? At least I know it’s not an isolated incident now.

They should give a 5mins game pause when someone disconnected, and a reconnect button to rejoin the match.