Evolve Park


Something I spent a few minutes on, just an idea I had after seeing the new Jurassic Park logo.

Could be way better but didnt want to spend a ton of time on it, just a fun visual.


20 cupcakes for you and 50 cookies for this awesome image!


I like this =D


I would totally go to Evolve Park


I’ve been writing a story kind of thing that takes place five years after the events of Evolve called Evolve Park… I’ll spare you the details of it. Also, I love your logo. Very nice! :blush:


Evolve Park?

Love your image!

(South Parky stuff made on sp-studio.de)


It’s awesome! If only this was a sticker or something that I could put onto my PC. xD


11/10 would go here.


I’d get sticker paper and print it myself!


haha thanks man


That sounds awesome man, creativity shows itself in different ways, fan-fiction is always cool!


That’s actually pretty cool. I like it. Like, a lot.

Now… where can I get a fullscreen resolution tu use for a backround? :wink:


Maybe if you asked real nicely…haha


Can you make more art?


Well as an artist that is the goal lol. You have something specific in mind though?


I would totally be down for having this on a t-shirt, good job! :smile:


I wonder what the copyright situation for something like that would be…


This is so fantastic! :smiley:


I love it! It’s even better with music :stuck_out_tongue:


notices avatar Hey wait a sec…