Evolve on xbox one has died for now



Console evolve died immediately on xbox one once the update came out I guess every one is just upset as I am that the beta testing is only for the PC this game has been out for a year and a half and is back in beta also from watching twitch there are more bugs than ever hope they get resolved ASAP and hopefully TU9 comes to the xbox one soon the game play overall does look better but they need to fix character selection glitch people falling thru the map glitch and using coins on perks not registering glitch if I see any others I will let you all know I am not playing on PC just watching a lot of twitch on it because no one wants to play evolve anymore at least till the update comes out.


I played a bit on Xbox today, no problem finding matches in quick play. Low levels surprisingly. Learning about the update and watching PC streamers actually made me want to play even though it’s the old version.

As far as the bugs, I believe the character selection one has been fixed and is live already. There’s your quick PC updates…


So, would you rather be playing the bugged out game you’re watching on twitch, or a polished game in a month or two on xbox? Because that’s what they’re doing. Beta testing on PC, letting those players work out the kinks since it’s easier to do so on PC than it is on xbox. They can update fixes much faster on PC. They don’t have to jump through hoops like they do with console updates.

To me it sounds like a good plan that for what ever reason couldn’t be shared with us console players before hand. Probably more legal reasons.


The version running on xbox one right now has its fair share of glitchs still so yes I would much rather play the newer TU9 there is the gorgon mimic glitch the wraith abduction glitch bodies falling thru map when your laz fully charged laz glove not picking up hunters even when nothing is attacking him Meteor Goliath’s charge ability launching hunters 250 meters away from where they were hit and playing as elder kraken is not a glitch but he is so broken I thought I would bring him up because you can literally take a shit on your controller at stage one and win with him


Oh and dont forget pinning people against the wall with behemoth and rolling the whole time for an instant down.


Fuck yes we want the update. Have you not been in the forums lately? We’ve been teased this update for months.

Edit: Sorry. I do understand the reasoning. Just still a bit salty.


I don’t mind that consoles are not getting the update yet, I just wish the communications to console players had been better. How could TRS think we would be anything other than disappointed when they had spent so long building up the excitement for TU9, just for us to find out on the day that we would not get it. It was total BS. A lot of love has been lost on consoles for TRS and all because they suck at communicating.


Well said.


We don’t know they were allowed and not allowed to say in regards to Stage 2. It’s not fair to say TRS sucks at communication without all the facts.


The selection bug is a pain in the arse on PC, and we only had to live with it for a day or so. It would have been very detrimental (imo) for new console players to put up with that for 1 week+ until the patch got approved and pushed out for console.

I really hope you guys get the update soon - you deserve it. We’ll try find all the bugs as fast as possible so you get it as soon as possible and as good as possible


The biggest thing is that PC got/are getting more content. Console’s don’t and won’t for a long time. People are burned out and nothing is being done to fix that any time soon.


Well, you guys have more than 4 maps, and more modes so technically you have more than us :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, it’s sucky. Progress is being made, even if you don’t get to see the results for a little while


People are still burned out and with no fix in sight.


Note that we have more people playing on consoles now than we did prior to Stage 2 launching


I’m playing it right now ? I’m going to enjoy cloak and legacy evolve for as long as I can once it’s gone it’s gone.


Keep trying to stay away from the forums, cause 99% of it is unrelateable and I feel like I’m in a different zone. I can realty to this one then.
I’m glad to hear it’s bringing new people in, but I assure you it’s northern high end rank people, as those have been decimated by the patch.
The hardcores who stuck with it are mostly leaving. Some quitting for good.
Our long term community has been severely hurt, and while new players is great, that’s not who continue my supported the game through the last 6 months.

Trust me, this sucks for console. Hard.


For all the salty console players (me included) we might be upset right now and might feel that the game is doomed since we cannot play Stage 2 yet… but the reality is that once it drops on consoles we will all download it and love it along with a big new crowd of people.

The people who stopped playing will want to try out the update and now that it is free new ones will have nothing to lose.


Trust me, I look at all angles.

I agree that’s an awesome outlook.

It means that they sacrificed my game now, which I literally have not stopped playing/streaming for over a year and a half.

So I support this game for how long? Then they up and kill our community, say we really didn’t want to sorry, don’t tell us why we were mislead.

Not only that, but our games buggy AF too, no support on that end.

Salty isn’t the word, it’s hurt.

In my stream and others PC players just shit on console, and even I. The announcement stream it was happening, and no dev stepped in and said we care for all our platforms.

I’m glad PC is having fun, I’m glad this is a success, and bringing in new console players is cool. They’re paying for it though, so I guess we support them monetarily for now too? I don’t get how they can ask new console players to pay for a version they no longer support?

Sorry but I’m not gunna sit here and watch the community I love and devoted so much time to, die away because the future. The past is what matters, the time, the support.


I agree Jay. I streamed this game a ton over the past year as well.

I have actually deleted this game and sent it to my eBay pile. Never ever thought this game would come off of my hard drive. I used to delete awesome games just to keep evolve there.

Now I have 5 TB of space and I still ditched evolve.



What everyone doesn’t realize as well is that console community will always feel like the red headed step child from here on out. Instead of sharing in the hype of new things released we will always be watching new content revealed and released for PC weeks or months before we get it.

Sure we will get the content soooooooon, but we will always be playing catch up. All changes made will most likely benefit PC and console will be an afterthought.

I get aggravated watching some of these streams as well. Titles like “I’m back” and people claiming this is their favorite game. Is it really? Then where were these people when the game was dying? Oh yea that’s right, no where to be found.