Evolve on twitch 1pm EST


Evolve on twitch 1pm EST

Edit from @DamJess: See the Twitch Schedule here


Doing what? We going to see more gameplay? :smile:


Just says Evolve 17:00 which I assume is the time in Germany which is 6hrs ahead of us. Hope it’s new stuff.


Link please


Look for purple twitch box 2nd from left.


Looks like it starts in an hour!


Here’s the schedule too by the way for people.

Twitch’s Gamescom Stream Schedule


So evolve got delayed last night for today and now they removed it all together??


Thursday, 10am PDT. That is 1pm EST. It is now 12:33pm EST.

Not sure if yesterday was streamed at noon. I was busy sleeping.

Right now, the new WoW expansion street reveal is being streamed too.

Gamespot Stream for WoD


Can’t seem to find it now.


Is it suppose to be running right now? Shows offline


It was scheduled on Twitch’s Gamescom site every day for 10am PDT.

Which of course doesn’t mean every day it will be shown, considering all times are subject to change.

So far I don’t think Twitch themselves has had 2K/Evolve up in their broadcast/interview booth yet. Perhaps later or “tomorrow” in Germany time, since Jess mentioned 15 hours in the Gamescom thread


Really dissapointed this is the second day that i woke up for nothing just to see evolve and then its not there.


is it over already?
I can’t find it on the archives :frowning:


It never went up actually. It might be some technical issues or just bad timing? No official word from anywhere, I’ve been checking the Twitter and nothing. Huge bummer :frowning:


were they streaming yesterday too?
Any videos on that?


A few folk say they didn’t stream yesterday either, not sure what’s happening.


nope like i said 2 days scheduled and both has been canceled.