Evolve on the Cheap


Hey all, people in this forum probably already know about this, but there’s an Evolve Ultimate Edition for Xbox One and PS4. What’s ultimate about it? Well, just like the PC Monster Race edition, it has ALL of the DLC.

Best of all it’s around $40 at retail right now. Some might see that as a bad sign, but I think it could be a great way to get new players on consoles into the game. If you know any console players who passed up Evolve the first time around, this would be a good way to finally get them to play.

Ditto with the PC Monster Race edition right now; it’s pretty much the same as Ultimate and goes for about $40 on Steam. Cheap games = more players = more games in the franchise. :wink:


Except no Behemoth. Stupid pre-Order bullshit.
For some reason in the shop I can still buy the pre-Order PCMR Edition for 80€.