Evolve on PS4- Match Freezing mid round



Has anyone else experinced on PS4 since new DLC/Patch that matches will freeze mid game with all hunters, wildlife and monster will suddenly freeze up but game counter keeps running so you have no other option but to quit out and take loss?

Rather annoying. Is this just on PS4?



Happens a lot to me. It realy is kinda anoying, one match we were like a half second from wining.
Not just on PS4 since i´m playing on PC




It even happens to freeze completely, which means the application is not responding anymore. For me the game could be closed via PS4 menu until now everytime. Other reports state the whole PS4 didn’t respond anymore -> they had to pull the plug.


When it happens to PC, it happens to both the monster, and all 4 hunters. Servers freeze up.


It become a whole lot worse now then it was a month ago. But what I have noticed more is that the frame rate has been taking a serious dive. It’s at times completely unplayable. I hope trs is aware of this. The game looks like assasins creed unity bad in the frame rate department at times.


I thought it was just me… They definitely need to fix the servers or something becuase they started getting horrible


It happens a LOT when I’m playing as or against Behemoth, so I think maybe it’s mostly him or certain hunters. Can anyone identify any hunters this happens with?

Also, PC here. So yeah it’s not just PS4.


My 2 linked video’s, and 6 other freezes. 8 server crashes for me, all with Behemoth. I surmise he’s the problem.


Ah, makes sense then.


Have experienced issue with different monsters both playing as and against. Only began for me on PS4 since new DLC/Patch.

Not seen TRS acknowledge this as issue yet


This is an especially annoying bug since it nerfs any potential experience you could have accumulated during the match.


Very annoying.


Well all was well this morning but boom, freezing up this evening. Is there any info i can provide when this happens to help fix it TRS?