EVOLVE on PS4 'Freezing' mid match


Had posted this in General but thought better to put it here in the hope it can provide some help in securing a fix.

Have only and mainly experience this since the new update/DLC was released. Has happened when Behemoth is featured in the game either playing as or against but has also happened with other monsters and variations of original and new hunters.

Only way to exit is to leave the game, taking a time out penalty and losing all stats acquired during the match. Freezing can happen at the end of the game in the middle of a battle, as per my video, or just randomly during the game.

Not seen this addressed so far by TRS, and it appears to be on most platforms including PS4. Is there any information we can provide to TRS when this happens?

[ PS4 Freeze + Video ] - Behemoth

Haven’t had this happen on Xbox One so it might just be a issue with the update. I would suggest trying to talk to “Evolve” on twitter, as they may be able to help with your problem. Or submit a request ticket at 2k Support


I have experienced this on Xbox One a few times. This bug has been reported several times and is therefore known to TRS, hopefully it won’t take too long to fix. I have faith in them. :smile:


I am experiencing this occasionally on PC too.


yeah but i cant see people moving it just freezes. it happens to me on pc just about every game


Rally driving me nuts now, enough to put game away till confirmed as fixed. Happened 3 times this afternoon (GMT)