Evolve on Mythbusters!


The theme of tonight’s Mythbusters was video games, and imagine my surprise when Evolve was featured! While it wasn’t the center of the myth (Doom was) is was shown as an example of a FPS multiple times, and even when not relating to that myth they showed a lot of footage from it, primarily of the Kraken. I’d say that after the two main games that were being studied, Doom and Fruit Ninja, Evolve was shown the most!


Evolve #1 game NA. Even Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman endorse.


I think they must like Evolve.




That’s pretty cool. What were the myths about? Were they just in-game myths that had being spread by communities or what?


The first was is Fruit Ninja is possible in real life, the second was if someone could carry all the gear someone has in a FPS (9 weapons with real weight and medpacks) without trouble/exhaustion.


Thanks to @slashdotdash, I can now reveal the result of the myths.

Myth 1: is Fruit Ninja Possible in Real life?

Answer: Busted. A Fruit Ninja Master who was also swordsman IRL got who got 100% in game could only get a maximum of 60%. Actually pretty good, if you ask me

Myth 2: Can you really carry that much gear IRL like in many FPS (Example: Doom)

Answer: Plausible. While an unfit person took double their time when not carrying all weapons at once (9 weapons were carried), a physically fit person took only 3 extra seconds. So your average Joe won’t be able to do it, but for a real action hear or superhuman it is more than possible.


I have not watched Mythbusters in so long…


Mythbusters Is fun but… omg they can be stupid sometimes…


I thought it got cancelled when they fired a cannon and it went way off target and hit someones house or car or something


Why am I on the wrong side of Atlantic again? :frowning: We only have old Mythbusters series on TV here…

sigh…I’ll make sure to watch that episode once someone uploads it. Could be fun.


Please tell me they will play on PC and I can get their Steam IDs! wishes


Technically it hit both. Through the wall of the garage i believe and into a car.


Haha, that’s cool. What myth were they busting exactly?

EDIT: Nvm I’m blind.


MythBusters + Evolve ?! It can’t get more epic than that ;D


The conclusion on that episode caught me by surprise, I didn’t expect that.


They were put on hold for the duration of the investigation of the incident. Which is over now.

They moved testing much farther out from the town, and also, likely paid for all damages and such. (That is probably a given from the fact no one even questioned it lol)


What?! One of my favorite shows ever has new episodes and no one told me? I may have to rethink how dependable for information circle is.


Today on mythbusters: Do walking through water make a trappjaw lose track of you in the real world!?


Who knows.


I saw this, it made my day! The game I helped make has footage shown on one of my favorite shows! As Adam Savage once said “I need a grin-ectomy”


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