Evolve on EGX 2015?

Will Evolve be at the EGX 2015 ? It would be perfect to reveal New content ( Monster )


As I understand from @DB_Sinclair there is no TRS presence EGX with focus on Twitchcon instead this weekend.

Whether or not 2K UK will have demo booths is doubtful due to nature of the game but don’t expect any announcements from EGX about EVOLVE.

TRS Weekly stream maybe.

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I’m expecting news on Oct 15th or 22nd. Then the release on the 20th or 27th.

You have this saved on notepad just to copy and paste into any thread you can huh? :wink:


Was thinking the same thing


######maybe :slight_smile:

Yeah I already asked this and they are not going which is a shame. I got a you tuber pass there but I am kinda happy because if they did go they would likely reveal the new monster and I would be unable to do anything in a hotel room. :yum:

I figured you’d see this, plus you beat me to it lol.

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