Evolve on consoles and release date


I just wanted to know how evolve is shaping up on ps4\xbone, any progress the devs want to share? Also I wanted to know how sure TRS is about their release date on evolve. After seeing all the other games getting delayed, I’m worried this kick ass game will get delayed too


Jus read a post and said that TRS is confident in their release, I’m still wondering were they are on consoles though


I’ve read somewhere that the studio is split 50/50. So half are testing for PC and the other half are testing consoles. Nobody from Turtle Rock’s said exactly where the game is at in terms of production, but I imagine everything is being tested, polished and finished for a 2014 fall release. Hope this helps


Honestly console versions will probably be pretty solid overall, they are easier to bug test for. I’m more worried about PC version performance/stability, although L4D was great it was also on Source. Haven’t played anything on CryEngine 3 except for Crysis 3 itself.


Don’t worry, dude! I’m positive they will release the game on all three platforms at the same time, I’d be more concerned about where the game will be released first? Most likely in the US for obvious reasons and then Europe sometime after, as long as the time gap isn’t huge then I don’t mind! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t expect to see any delays anyway! :thumbsup:


Wouldn’t Europe get it first since we’re ahead by like 6/8 hours (depending on where in the US you’re from)?


No not usually. Most of the time, games released in the US are released on a Tuesday whereas in Europe we get games on a Friday for some reason, that’s generally the norm. Not like it’s a huge hinderance though. :grin:


As SlinkyGuy said, US releases are usually on Tuesday and Europe on Friday.

However most BIG titles a lot of times have an international release, usually at midnight EST. I predict an international release honestly.


I know that a lot of games in the US have a midnight release, but the U.S. has 4 time zones so each time zone gets a midnight release so east coast usually gets the game first


Usually we will get it based on our timezone in relation to EST. I live on the west coast, games that get a midnight release for EST have always released at 9 pm. If the midnight release is based on PST, then EST gets it at 3 am.


I always assumed that everyone got the games at 12am for their time zones. Kinda like how when some one watches the ball drop in times square on new years, unless youre on east coast you’re watching a replay