Evolve Official Strategy Guide Confirmed?


Found this on the ebgames website (the Canadian Gamstop). You can preorder the strategy guide but what I found most interesting is the fact that the description talks about a single player campaign.


Comprehensive coverage of the entire game, including the groundbreaking multiplayer mode that combines the very best aspects of competitive and cooperative gameplay,as well as the single-player campaign.
Complete breakdowns of every level, arena, and map.
Game-winning tactics and complete analysis of all four Hunter classes: Trapper, Medic, Support, and Assault. Plus, lethally effective strategies to turn the tables and eviscerate these classes while playing as the Monster.
Play to your character?s offensive and defensive strengths, regardless of your role.
In-depth data and commentary for every weapon and item, each ability, all power-ups and equipment, and more.
Expert guidance for exploiting the environment, wildlife, and upgrades to full advantage. Gain powers, grow in strength, level up.
That?s not all: unlock new Hunter and Monster characters, upgrades, skins, and perks.


can you put a link to this on here, though it would be a little interesting as to how many people would buy it, but my perspective is this it would only be fully helpful in a bot match as a book can’t predict what a real person would do and so regardless some tips would be helpful, but as the monster you would have to play in a way that you could get the upper hand on the hunters play style.


Here’s the product on Gamestop: http://www.gamestop.com/strategy-guides/evolve-official-strategy-guide/115231

Seems fishy to me. I don’t buy strategy guides as I don’t think they’re particularly good for most games. It’s usually like an expanded player’s manual and that’s dumb (especially for $25). Plus, how can anyone know real strategy when the game isn’t in the field and being played by everyone? What works in a test environment doesn’t necessarily work in the real world.

Personally, I’d rather just hang around the forums and have conversations with people. See what they think works and what doesn’t. Healthy debate with other players will give you all the strategy you need.


Shameless self advertising!

Here’s the PROPER Evolve strategy guide:

Evolve guide: Welcome to Shear!


Here here! I do like the idea of an official guide but we already have a mighty fine one right here on the forums!


There is now a limited strategy guide for free


Whaaaaaat, that’s exactly what I was going for in the threads I made for tips and tricks! Guess I’ll just be going to edit that now, thanks for this link!