Evolve objective mode . unlimited respawn


What if hunters were able to build bases in shear that allow them to have unlimited respawn / no drop ship

Imagine battleborn map in Evolve match

Monster + hatching eggs + wild life (more elite) vs hunters + technology

It’s definitely more interesting to see for new comers instead of chasing and going through the map 5 times.

Monster can :

Hatch the eggs to bring minions
Leach the deadly phantoms

Destroy sentry / medic / shield buildable
Kill hunters
Get perks

Hunters :

Build sentries / medic lab / shield drone / get perks / set Acceleration field technology

Buildables will work only near hunter base to punish the monster to go near hunters base

Monster has to kill hunters & wild life to get points

Points : allow monster to hatch the eggs & leach the phantoms / allow hunter to build

Hunters have basic Health regen perk

Second suggestion :

4 Hunters + 1 monster vs 4 hunters + 1 monster


Would there be a timer? Cause if not, Op.

And if it’s a base, they’ll respawn at the base when the team could be on the other side of the map.

So… you’re bringing nest into this? And minions? Plural? Gg, ez pz.

I’m assuming you mean release some phantoms?

But why do this when you can just-

-kill them all?

Acceleration field, shield drone, perks, and medic lab? Woah woah woah, let’s take a step back now. This would be the ultimate cheese and roaching.

So… is this basically Hunt with more stuff? This would just over complicate things and matches would be unnecessarily dragged out to use or get everything. How would Hunters even get stuff?

Yeah, no. Balance, time, more game modes and split playerbase.

Overall, the newcomers would most definitely be confused. The Hunt as it is is already confusing for them as it is, with them being pubs and newcomers.

If this was a new mode, we don’t want to split our player base even further.


For pubs and newcomers? Everything. Did you not read my post? I have some questions there.

Except for pubs and newcomers.

Except for pubs and newcomers.

Except for pubs and newcomers.

An offense? Really? MingLee

And pubs and newcomers. Also, rude.


Nest: Hunter destroy eggs. Monster save eggs. Can hatch one and have a minion. If all eggs die, Monster loses.

Rescue: Hunters save 5 Hunters. Monster kills 5 Hunters. Whoever reaches 5 first wins.

Complicated, am I right? Kappa

I’ve asked questions which you haven’t answered.


Yeah, Bader, you just lost all of your credibility here. It was a bad idea to begin with, and this just made it worse. Why don’t you go ahead and edit that out before someone is forced to do it for you, slugger?


Yeah, you’re going to have a bad time.


250- 300 player base ?

This mode may bring +800% of the current player base if it was released . Diversify player base screw it


Yeah, doubt it. Heavily doubt it.

Still haven’t answered my other questions m8.


Tell me where you got that statistic, Bader, and then I’ll believe a word you’re saying.


The questions are easily answered . Just think about it . Try to imagine the concept

Does other FPS have higher player base ?

Cod BO3 400,000 +
BF 4 120,000 - 150,000 on all system
Evolve 250 - 350 players on PC / Xbox & PC more than that . Evolve would have a maximum of 3,000

That means if evolve was different . It would have a different conclusion / different player base

Cod / destiny / BF / battlefront / battle born / Halo / kill zone etc will always attract the majority of players . Will always sustain players

All of them are ease to use / fun . All of them have unlimited respawn system .

Key to success :

Concept , ease to use , require skill , you can transfer other game experience , reputation , reviews , Frame per second / resolution , friend play it , competition , fun , rewarding , competitive scene , advertising , game awards


Think of this game mode as more like League of Legends. 5 people vs 5 people with minons, bases, and buffs. Each team has easy access to all of both, and with the interchangeability it would make it more fun.

Spawn timers depend on the goal that the devs would want to achieve. Murder fest? No spawn timers. MOBA style? League-style spawn timers, that go up with level/time spent in-game.

Let’s assume he means unleash phantoms.

Also, if there’s a respawn setup for unlimited respawns, killing all the hunters wouldn’t work. You’d be forced to kill them all and then murder their base.

Plus they’d have to have points to be able to build the extra perks, which would make the games go much faster towards the end. Once they had more on one side, they’d have an easier time murdering. Either look into balance or make it purposefully unbalanced to make the game time faster.

I think if they left objectives on the screen somewhere like “kill this, break this, break THIS to win the game” it wouldn’t be too bad honestly. I like the idea. Maybe not the person who had the idea. He’s slightly offensive with that earlier comment.


Depends on the game.

If Evolve was different? It’d be a different game! More playerbase? Less AngryJoe h8trz spreading lies.

Not always. Besides, none of those games have ever attracted my interest, nor do I plan on getting any of those or watching any video or stream about them. I only love 2 games right now, with Evolve being one of them.

That is subjective. I don’t like any of them. And besides, in Evolve you can respawn infinitely as a Hunter. Your point being?

What does this have to do with anything? All that happened to Evolve was CoD players who were trying to 1v1 Monsters, found out they sucked, and wrote bad reviews.

Still haven’t answered my questions. If I have to “answer” them, they’re gonna be open for interpretation.

Okay to start off, there isn’t going to be two Monsters in one match. The balance, time, and work that it’ll take is just, no.

Besides, it has to be lorewise. The only exclusion being arena I think.

Ah, so this is a new mode. Small playerbase and whatnot.

Lol, same.

So Defend?

So this is literally Defend with perks and buyable stuff?

This is Defend. Minus the kill this, it’s optional.

ayy lmao



Doesn’t have to be different game

It’s a different mode that is easier for all players.

Evolve concept is to evolve … defend has nothing to do with evolving

Players base is tied with what ? Do you have any idea ?

You seem that you don’t know how the gaming market works

You are 1 / 7 billion human . 1 / 1 billion player

Most players don’t agree with you . It’s a fact


To respawn . Varied (5 -30 seconds)

Killing wild life / minions / completing objectives etc


Honestly i’d rather see the introduction of another hunter at the end instead of a Monster and leave it just Hunters vs. Hunters for the game mode. I’m also just trying to clarify OP’s ideas because you two are arguing and he’s definitely not answering questions. The answers are my perspective on what I read that he posted so they may not be perfect to his POV but… better than never having an answered question in this case.

You’re right that it plays like Defend, but it does run in a way that Offense would also be a good plan. The only way you’d win if you Defend the entire time would be if you had a timer for Defending.

I don’t think that every game mode that a game has necessarily has to have a function lore-wise, though I do think that lore-functioning game modes make it a more engaging game.


Seriously, where do you pull these numbers from?

Please, don’t make exaggerated claims like this.


This is literally defend with buyable perks and sentries m8, that’s all.

Nowhere have you mentioned evolving. It’s Defend m8.

What do you mean tied? Hunt anyone would assume.

And I’m sure you do.

######Said nobody ever.

What does that have to do with anything? That I don’t like Defend with buyable perks for Hunters?

Besides, you haven’t asked 7 billion people their opinion, so you don’t know jack diddly squat m8.

About damn time. 8 or so questions left Bader.

So Defend, but killing stuff gives you money or points to but perks. ResidentSleeper

Yeah, it’s Defend with perks for Hunters and Phantoms for the Monster. That’s all I’ve heard. :confused:

If perks were justified by Matthew, lol, then yes.

Damn right.

Yours are better than none. :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, lore wise.


Interesting yet odd idea for a game with asymmetrical teams, and it would require a whole ton of refinement. Right now, it just sounds like a rough workshop mod. :stuck_out_tongue:

I imagine new building models would have to be created to make up this “base” that would also have to fit in appearance-wise with the rest of the environment. There would need to be new voice lines, custom maps, animations, UI changes, et cetera, on top of extreme balancing so it doesn’t become another Nest / Rescue. This is just for a rough idea on the amount of work and money this mode would take.

Now, on to the gameplay. You need incentives for both sides to play out their intended role (much like the timer and relay does in Hunt), but also make it fun. Would it be fun as a Hunter to just camp at the base once it’s upgraded? Would it be fun for a Stage 3 Monster to take on 4 hunters with extra shields, extra damage, medic bays, and/or extra utilities? Would it be fun for four hunters to take on a Stage 3 Monster with 2+ minions, even with base defenses?

Also, what is the end goal for both sides? If it’s point-based, then the hunters will just camp their base to prevent the monster from getting good points, as he’ll always have to go to them to gain the most points. If he avoids them and farms points on wildlife, the hunters will have to go stop him - at which point he can just lure them near an egg, hatch a minion, and wreck their face while they’re away from their base.

What happens when the monster dies, if the hunters get unlimited respawns and super base defenses? Does he have infinite health?

There’s a lot of factors that need to be considered because of how Evolve is so vastly different from other shooters or MOBAs. Looking at a game mode from DOTA, Smite, Battleborn, COD, or any other PvP games and “Evolveifying” can be pretty complicated and difficult, if you really think about it, and IMO it won’t work too well. I think, to come up with a new game mode for Evolve, it really has to be thought of with the original concept of the game (Hunt) in mind, thusly balanced around the idea that it has to be 4 v 1 - or at least involve both monsters and hunters.


But the main running point of his post was that he wanted a team with 4 hunters and a Monster to fight a team of the same style.

Can you imagine how cool that would be, however unlikely it is to actually happen? Your team fights their team, with Monsters able to come in and wreak havoc.

Also as far as I can glean from OPs vision, Monsters would also respawn. Though i’m not sure how that would work tbh, if it would just respawn after X time or if it might lose an Evolution, or start from Stage 1.


Ahh, I only saw 1+4 vs 4+1 as an alternate suggestion in his post. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: The main part of it sounded like a monster trying to destroy a hunters at their base, to me. I’m probably wrong, mah bad.

It would be cool, and pretty intense, yeah. I still stand by how it’d be pretty damn difficult to balance to the extent of Hunt if it’s going to be a game mode to draw people in, and the time to make it could probably take as long as TU9 has.

Thanks for clarifying for me. :smiley:


I skimed through it and it sounded cool but, I am not sure this would work so well sorry :pensive:


Welcome to Evolve 2.0

The best strategy based asymmetrical RTS, first and third person, multiplayer exclusive, MOBA here is on the market!

But in all seriousness… no. That is all, I’m not bothering to explain as others have for me but just… no.

While we disagree and like to poke fun let’s hold off on that and try to not be mean to Lmk just for his dream mode.