Evolve Numbers

can anyone provide me with a list of the numbers of the hunters and monsters i.e. damage #s, perk #s ect.?

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I think I know what you’re looking for?

There is a page on the Evolve wiki with lists of all the perks: https://evolve.wikia.com/wiki/Perks#Monster

Also on the wiki you will find damage numbers for the Hunters and Monsters on their respective pages. (e.g. type up Caira and head down to Weapons and Equipment) Also, if you go to the Hunters and Monsters pages, it will also give you stats of their health, armor, or jetpack fuel, etc…

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Thank you that is what I’m look for but I don’t see and numbers on stage 2 content

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@Takran can you help?

I have this stuff saved somewhere. I’ll come back after I find it!

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Can you just count them?

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Don’t take it literally…

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Any luck finding it?

Haven’t had time to look. Crazy week! It’s on my radar though.

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ok no rush just curious lol and thank you i really appreciate it

For real though. Can you not count them?

Is there a way to turn on damage numbers or something?

not in legacy onky in stage 2

But don’t you want stage 2 damage numbers?

yes i do i need all the numbers lol

…so turn damage numbers and everything else statistically related on?

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i dont own stage 2 im just making a scrapbook of both legacy and stage 2

Oh…lol well can’t help you there.

I know this isn’t too helpful but I remember Emet heals his teammates with a healing burst (300 per burst) with healing buoys down. This is only in Stage 2 to balance out the faster class reharge. Someone correct me if I’m wrong here.

I think Jack does 12-16 damage per shot with his pistols.

My sister just told me that Slim does 4 damage per shot, headshots give him 8.

Again you can find all of this stuff on the wiki.

i’m more looking for battle cabot and glacial behemoth stats because they’re the only ones not on the wiki