Evolve now available for Steam preorder


Shows up one day after the Big Alpha ends. That’s some pretty good timing!

But seriously, glad it’s finally available.


It has been for a few days.

But gona wait until steam actually says you get the pre-order bonuses.


My mistake, then. Thought I had been watching for it and only noticed the price and option to buy today.


Yeah, it has been since the Big Alpha has started.


and I immediately preordered when I saw it also comes with the 4th monster :stuck_out_tongue:


Its mentioned like way bellow the buy button, not next to it like usual pre-orders :confused: hopefully we get it aswell.


It’s shown down below where pre-order bonuses always show up for me.


Well i have to wait for my money to be on paypal anyways. Can’t use online banking for some reason.


Steam has a tendency to discount games right before release with pre-order too. Anyone plan on waiting it out?


Yea…was planing to wait until someone confirmed we get the pre-order bonuses, pre-orderd it a few hours ago. :wink:


(silent prayer for TF2 items)


How can you think of Hats at a time like this?!

(silent prayer for more bonus hats for preorder)


I’m also thinking of weapons…


Im probably going to pre order physical Copy from my local GAME store, Pureley because it gives instant hunter access to tier 2 hunters which will make it quicker for me to unlock my Tier 3 Medic Caira


Dang that’s some shenanigans. But then you lose out on the fun of the progression.


yea sooooo unfair for the people that start at tier 1 :confused: glad that steam only has the monster and skin tho :slight_smile:


There is still a chance of TF2 items.