Evolve Novel [Completed]


I’m making this fourm to tell everyone that after months of work and watching videos and wiki things, I’ve finally completed the Evolve Novella; it’s been a long road but the book’s finally done and I have you all to thank for it; for supporting me and helping me complete this feat.

I hope it can be published with permission from TRS and 2K, it’s been a long journey but I’ve finished it, keeping everyone as in character as I could, and making sure the book makes people want to play the game more.

Thank you all for the support and help!


You were the guy that had that trial novel thread up earlier yeah?


Yeah; that was me asking if I should give it a try, and enough feedback from the community told me I should go for it, and now it’s done; at least the major skeleton; a few edits and it’s finished.


Cool! remember now! Have the link to the finished product yet? :slight_smile:


It’s not online; I wrote it all in Microsoft Word.

I plan to put it either here or Wattpad if I can’t get it published.


Okay…so far I have no idea how to get in touch with any TRS Staff regarding the book.

…so…I need some assistance with that.


Well I’m no expert but tagging one of the more active co-founders like @MacMan would be a smart place to start.


Alright thank you.

I’ll give it a shot.