Evolve needs to be advertised or something!


There was a post on reddit talking about what games you would like to live up to the hype and no body mentioned evolve. Like no one except me and this is the reply I get back;

Like really?! They even made a damn video showing that you can play online! 2k needs to advertise this game more cuz it’s so cool and fun but hardly anyone knows anything about it.


Mo videos.
Mo commercials.
Mo Griffen.
Mo money


All I can say about the first comment in that pic…

Don’t let me laugh, Bloodborn will be (I’m sorry) shit of the year, like Watch_Dogs in the previous one. :smiley: They really don’t know what are they talking about… The only real GAME is Evolve.


I’ve been busting my butt trying to push out content and making it look good. People just don’t look Evolve up anymore


Some people are bored because, they wanted the game a bit, but no more than this, they got a taste with the big alpha, and they have been waiting again and again for a game they might be interessted in, but not sure, so they stop looking for it. I am pretty sure this will change with the beta, evolve will come back to the top.


Watch dog isn’t a bad game I think, but it’s definitely not THE game it looked like…


I too am very frustrated so few people still out there who enjoy games like L4D, and who even own XBoxes (I presume it’s more heavily marketed to them), haven’t even heard of this title yet. I am telling everyone I know and it’s just like they don’t bother looking it up because they think it’s a little indie game since their main outlets don’t mention it much. I was at least happy to see that Evolve pre-order tickets were available in WalMart, Best Buy, etc. Sad that that’s all…so far.


I’m sure there will be a huge PR push right after the beta till release. If people haven’t heard of evolve its a large rock they have been hiding under.


I think that’s coming from our own perspective. I knew a few heavy COD, L4D, FPS guys out there (mainly XBox and PC players, and they had no idea it existed when I told them of the Alpha. I was barely able to get folks to play even when I got them codes. I am telling the XBox players now about the FREE Beta and they’re kinds like “Oh ok, you get to hunt a monster.” I’m like…“A Player-controlled monster!” They’re like…I guess I can check it out if it’s free. They have no clue how awesome the game looks or plays. I’m suffering from You-can-lead-a-horse-to-water-but-can’t-make-it-drink syndrome. Evolve needs a TV commercial.


Keep in mind there’s a bunch of factors why there Evolve hasn’t caught on with most people yet:

  1. Lack of advertising. Most of their coverage and exposure has been with gaming websites. I can’t recall seeing TV ads, website ads or street advertising/billboard stuff.

  2. TRS isn’t as big. I don’t mean it in a bad way, it’s in a way that they’re not Bungie or Blizzard in that when they work on a game everyone starts talking about it , just look at Blizzards Overwatch, news started to spread when it was announced. Not enough people either remember what TRS was known for or haven’t heard of them.

  3. Lack of cinematic trailers. People love cinematic trailers because it’s a pretty looking representation of what the game looks like without watching 40 min gameplay videos. While I commend TRS for giving us tons of gameplay footage, the average person doesn’t want to go through the trouble of sharing a 40 minute video with friends to convince them to show interest in a game, this is why cinematics are so good in this regard. They’re short and condensed making it easy for the consumer to get a good idea what they expect in a flashy video.

  4. New Intellectual Property. Keep in mind TRS is working on a brand new IP, this isn’t Halo or COD where every new game that gets released will generate hype on its own. From what I’ve seen Evolve is the first game in a possible new franchise 2K wants to build and will be proven if it’s successfull or not, so naturally consumers have doubts until then.

I expect Evolve to pick up after launch once people figure out how good of a game it really is, personally I have lots of confidence in this title. It’s the first game I’ve purchased at full price since BF4 back in 2013. Though, more money should be spent into ads. Who knows 2K might have something planned closer to launch to minimize the wait when they do roll out ads.


Show people that Wraith trailer video. It was awesome.


Just wanted to shout out to your upvoting yourself. Gettin the ball rollin.


The thing is this is the age of instant information. I mean Evolve has been in game informer, the monthly IGN, and won several huge awards. If you are a gamer it should be hard to miss it.

A commercial would be nice. I figured that 2K would be more responsible for the advertising.


If you want to pull big crowds that doesn’t really cut it. I mean yeah it won awards and was featured on IGN First, but the fact of the matter is you need something for people to talk about or share. How do you get to the market of people who has no idea what the game is and has never heard of it? At least the Evolve FB page is sharing stuff on a daily basis.


Game stop has some pretty big signs in my home town for Evolve, stating release dates and such, so there is some advertisement in the physical realm at least.


Word of mouth is as good as it can get. Pay it Forward, but with Evolve :wink:


Yeah, well, most of the people I know don’t know about the game. It happens, I believe that it’ll get popular pretty quickly after release. What bothers me the most is that people who do know about the game are still not informed enough to say whether they’ll buy it or not.


i feel like evolve is marketed towards the gamers…not casuals. The game was huge at e3 game magazines have been giving it massive praise game websites are hyping it alot(see the trend here) it will get tv time but most of the players will not be casual imo


So I tell all my friends about evolve. They are like " woah man, that sounds like a really good game! I might get it! "

Nek minut

Destiny this, COD that, Halo over there and borderlands right here. I just want people to see the awesomeness :frowning: .

So I tell them about the free beta on X-box, they say " yeah I will play it, to see what it is like "

Nek minut

I tell them that the beta is on the 15th to the 19th. They say " wait, what is this again? :expressionless:
They have no idea what evolve is. Only if… Only if…


I agree with this! There is simply too little advertisement on this game! I sat back on wow telling people about Evolve yesterday. Noone had ever heard about it except this one guy who said he might have!