Evolve Needs New Game Modes!


Everyone knows that the population of evolve players is endangered on every platform and I think this is due to the number of game modes. Most people play hunt, becuase it’s the main game mode and the most fun and I think the devs need to make something seriously good to keep more players playing. I don’t have any suggestions for modes rn but please feel to leave them down below. Oh and I think these community challenges like the vodoo goliath are great to get lots of people playing and the challenges are also fun so hats off to TRS to doin stuff like that!


People are asking quite often. ^.^
They even post new mode ideas on the forums. O.o


I know that the devs said they will make new game modes but does anyone know if they are making any right now?


I like to spam Defend mode at the moment, helps me leet faster


I’ve personally not heard any news on it.


I leveled through nothing but hunt, been 40 forever. ^.^

Luckily my stats didn’t reset…
Poor Rose.


I wonder what kinda game mods the devs have in mind


I know they were, not sure if they are now. Keep you eyes open, it might be in the next major update.


They are going to make new gamemodes


Do people play anything aside Hunt?


I know I don’t, I never liked Evac.


@Shin I only ever play evac. Sure I like hunt but playing nothing besides hunt would be boring AF. I also like that the game changes a little bit with the last game’s reward bonus.


I don’t like game modes that award the players that keep losing, just to let them win. Doesn’t make sense to me. ~shrug~
To each their own though, as long as you enjoy it; I say play Evac all you want. ^.^


I play evac when I know i have a solid hour or two to play. I like the randomness of it.

Hunt is the best mode but mixing it up is fun.


Ehh, the losing team gets like a 5% damage resistance and/or bonus. But the winning team gets a game changer which is the part that I like.


Game changers are weak, they don’t do much. I’d rather have the losing teams buff, than the winning one. Most of the winning ones, don’t actually do much; bar a few.


But does the winner even need ANYTHING? Probably not. But if you play with the bonus in mind it can change a game completely. If I get a minion Goliath I will rush the hunters stage 1 and see what happens… and by that I mean win at stage 1.


Why give out awards at all? Makes no sense.
Why I prefer Hunt.


Why you salty little…



I think that they want the wins to go back and forth instead of all one sided. Game changers like the wildlife buffs.