Evolve needs a matchmaking system


I’m tired of playing with lvl 25’s and below. Most good players are sick of it too. We need a matchmaking system that incorporates total game time, marches played and level… Also elite status for characters would be helpful as well. I think this’ll make it better for both groups in evolve. The noobs that are learning the game won’t be fighting elite status monsters that have been playing since release date (like myself) and the pro hunter players won’t be annoyed by players that try to go all game using only their dps skill. We may finally get a medic that heals a support that shields and a trapper that places traps lol. Seriously incorporate a better matchmaking system.


Ranked MM is in the works, according to MacMan.


Yes I’ve read that post too. But what criteria will they be using for it? Simply level? That’s not enough. That’s what this post was for


The current system uses level. No, they must be working on something else. Hoping it’s unveiled soon.


Level doesn’t mean very much. There’s lots of very average level 40 players.


That’s my point exactly midnight. Level means nothing, and I think the system may be slightly flawed… I seem to always find the games with lvl 15’s and below… Maybe all the 40’s are offline… Lol


Yes, level means absolutely nothing. I haven’t gotten much better since I was level 20, for example. But that’s because of my time in beta and on the forums.

Can’t wait for Ranked.


I imagine ranked will operate on the idea that your playing ranked cause you believe your good enough for it and want to. The other people will play in the normal matchmaking


Ranked will be fun. ^.^