Evolve name-calling thread


this is basically of where you can say weird names you thought of for the hunters and monsters, ill set up a example
Markov: Russian electrition (is mafia if that’s allowed on forums)
Maggie: that bat-s**t crazy dog lady down the street
Val- agent codename sexy booty (or agent 69,(hitman reference) huehue)
Hank-TRS developer

if your wondering how this thread was made, 3 things, 1. sleepiness 2. delicate child labor and 3. me experimenting each countries different beers, jesus iem seeing sters…


Some of my friends call Behemoth the cookie monster and Kraken the flying spaghetti monster


Slim-The real slim shady
Parnell -

Behemoth - Bob
[Redacted] - Steve
Kraken - Cluthu
Hyde -Hyde
Maggie -n’seek


Daisy- Fatass/Fatso/Fattie/Waste of space/Walking bucket of lard/waste of space/worthless mutt…List goes on.

Parnabuddy, Parnapringle, Parnabelle, Cabotron, Abruzzi (references, heh), Hydra, Maggeezer, Lazafart/Looserus, Bucketron/Bucketimus Prime, DANKOV, SAVIOR OF KOLONISTS, Valerinkle, hobo man…Torbald, Lucifer (Slim), The lost woman of Saint Nicolas (Crow), Lenny…Goly, Karken, Winona (Wraith…It’s a really pretty name o.o) Bob…I have more but I forget.


Stop calling her Ciara ;-;


No, the name’s I call them are on the right


Usually I just shout
#Savior of colonists
when people tell me to go Markov because the Monster might be Kraken.

I’ll just let someone else post his signature “savior of colonists” -image. @Donut perhaps?


whenever I am dropping out of the dropship or saving someone from a pounce I shout that into my mic.



So do you actually hate Daisy? Or are the fat jokes purely sarcasm? I’ve always wondered. XD
She can be pretty useful!!! Always pointing you towards the Monster, reviving Hunters, turning red when she sees the Monster.
And she only asks for LOVE!!!



Oh that’s a good joke.


Kraken = Trash
Hank= Trash
Slim= Trash
Jack = Trash
Torvald = Trash


Did somebody say…

Dankov, Savior of Colonists!?!

@Keahi_8o8 calls Hyde; Hee Deh
I name weapons, like the Lightning gun, the tickle gun. Mines are pizzas.

Cabot is Catbutt

Caira is Carrot sometimes.
Keahi calls nades, paintballs.

Can’t think of any more at the moment.


I might start calling Torvald Oscar. Oscar’s suit is more like Markov’s though.


@Pythios = Pity or Dragon
@RCSRex = trash
@MidnightRoses = Drunk Fat Shamer
@moiser = moist
@Bot = “Ay”, guess why.
@ToiletWraith = Hide
@SledgePainter = Sledgehammer or Sledge-e
@MrTalha = Kerbalist

And I think that’s about as many nicknames I have assigned on my friends list I’m comfortable sharing.


I only shame Daisy. Not all fat people. And I’m not drunk THAT often.


I could end you


Impressions, Impressions…


I can kick your bum in KSP any day. You versus me, let’s see who have the least casualties!


You’re getting away from this easily y’know.

Some people ended worse after my nicknaming spree yesterday evening.


Wait, so you use both of those names for me? Or have you not decided which one to use.