Evolve Music


Now I’m not one to complain (often), but the soundtrack is a bit repetitive, and depressing, and it’s getting stale. We need something different or a little more upbeat.

Musical Score/Soundtrack

I turn off the Evolve music, and turn on background music. Might try that. :smile:


Can we introduce the music from some of the trailers/cinematics? I would love to hear the intro theme in a fight. I would love to hear the Mother cover from the original trailer somewhere.

Maybe even the score from Release the Kraken trailer.


I actually have another topic discussing some of the music that was/is in the game, but was (partially) taken out. There’s a track that’ll play every once in a blue moon when you drop in at the start of a match. It used to play every time back in alpha/beta, but they removed it for some reason.

It’s possible other tracks met with the same mysterious fate, and the base soundtrack isn’t actually supposed to be as repetitive. :confused:


This here ^.^ Mortal Kombat: Legacy: Cyrax and Sektor Skrillex Reptile Theme: https://youtu.be/spitVENkpgw