Evolve Music Video - Light Em Up


A lot of work went into this and I had an awesome time!

@MacMan I hope ya like it because it was dedicated to your studios :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten so many good comments and more likes than I thought so I think I can consider this project a success! Thank you so much everyone!

Got suggestions for my next epic music video?

Sledge approves of this video!


truly and thoroughly enjoyed this. GJ

the ending portion of the video was best. editing all those cinematics together worked perfectly.

hope to see more of these bro.

maybe Immortal featuring Lazarus/medics?


Best Evolve video right here!


Thank you :smiley:


I might be able to. I’ll def try it out :smiley:


Ah shucks :3


Lazarus and Shielding i guess would be a more technical way to think about it. lol.


Best EVOLVE music video in the UNIVERSE.
Researched and confirmed by Absolute_SAM


This may be the best evolve music video I’ve seen. This is so dang awesome!




We need a MONSTER MASH music video by Halloween if possible. XD

too bad the song doesnt go well with monsters. lmao.


can’t see it GEMA in germany D:


Great work! :smiley:

My favorite moment is with the Meteor Goliath stalking them and then Hyde notices the shadow and turns around to see the Goliath making that leap smash right on top of them.

10/10. :thumbsup:


That and when Hyde drops down the hole and starts burning him along with the perfect orbital.


You have to get rid of the s in https in the link


The video was freaking epic!!! :smile:

Although my Bucket gets crushed T__T


I love the bit at 1:30, where Hyde walks round a corner into a Pouncing Goliath :smiley:


I’m glad everyone likes my video! Thank you for the support! It’s cool to see people like my music video :slight_smile:


What is this? xD


An evolve music video? If you don t even know what it is I might as well just delete it