Evolve Music Video: "I Am The Enemy"


So I made this video quite a while ago, but I’m considering getting back into this game a little and just wanted to share it again in case anyone is interested. I haven’t followed this game at all in over a year, has stability in matches been addressed at all since then? And is Kraken still really easy to dominate with?


Yes they have! TRS made that one of their priorities and they made it happen!

Eh. He’s a little OP, but not nearly as bad as he was. So have fun hanging his big head on your mantle >:3

Nice to see another Evolve music video maker :3


Did you not see @skills4u2envy’s? I love hers and yours

I like this one too btw! Nice song to use too


Kraken Roflstomps just as hard as ever.

Nothing like a combo that can literally drop you in less than 2-3 seconds.

But don’t worry. Wraith is virtually kinda fat and is handicapped in an atrocious way.

But good thing you made a music clip. Need more of these.


Man :’(. Seeing all this footage just really makes you realize what an amazing universe they created! They’re so well done. I want them to make more just to make more xD.


Thanks everyone :slight_smile: I’m updating the game now, gonna check out again. When this game came out I shot up to top 100 with Kraken in like a week lol, I’m just hoping it got toned back enough. This was the only game I’ve quit because I was doing too good haha, I felt like I was cheating. Wraith and Goliath never really felt like my style.


Nooooo! Let me go see it :open_mouth:


@skills4u2envy Can you give him the link?


Here you go @Rustyreviewsgaming


Thanks Shunty!


Thank you! :smiley:


That’s pretty badass


Just gonna bump this since Stage 2 has me kind of pumped for this game again after having written it off.