Evolve Music Video 'Castle' By Jev


That moment when Val shoots her sniper on the beat… Can you spot some other parts that made sense to the lyrics?

Decided to get used to Sony Vegas and for my first project I made this! I know it’s pretty shit compared to some of the things I’ve seen on here, but expect a lot more to come with a lot higher quality than this. Thanks!

Go ahead and critique by the way. I want to learn how I o use this so all criticism is considered!

P.S The video is unlisted.


I’ve never attempted a video so keep that in mind :slight_smile:

I would have liked to see you splice things together differently and add some gameplay.

The music only really synced up in one place (Val jet packing away from Goliath), it would have neat to see more synergy between the video and music.

Lastly I couldn’t read the text at the beginning, it was very dark.

Looking forward to the next one!