Evolve movie?


is it possible and if it is or isn’t do you think it should or not be a movie and why ?


A little too soon for that - don´t you think? If evolve sells like crazy and ppl. love it it´s entierly possible… Let´s just hope Uwe Boll won´t direct it!


Oh god, not Uwe Boll!

If there was going to be an Evolve movie though, then I’d definitely cast Vin Diesel as Lazarus. :stuck_out_tongue:


As long as Micheal Bay has nothing to do with it. Transformers was ruined but no TMNT had ruined my childhood. Also I worry that the plot will either be centered around one hunter or a completely new character we don’t care about. It should be a trilogy of movies with each one consisting of each teir of hunters and monsters.


Why do people insist doing a movie on everything that comes out. Video game to movie adaptations rarely work because games are engaging on a different level. It’s telling that arguably the three best video game movies weren’t from any video games. (Wreck it Ralph, Edge of Tomorrow {He learns cheat codes, it’s a game! :P}, and Scott Pilgrim) Those were good video game movies, but weren’t based on video games. Yes, Directors have mostly been pooing on the video game movie genre for ages, but I still feel that while Video Games are a great experience, they don’t translate well to the Big Screen.

Although, I am also wanting to have some of my favorite games turned into movies, but have largely been disappointed. Yay for Optimism I guess. Same with book to movie, those don’t translate well most of the time. (Obvious exceptions of course)


Don’t forget Resident Evil. That is one of the few video game turned movie that I really enjoyed.


The first one was ‘alright’. Though I have issues with a lot of references in general. If they called it anything else, it would have been good, but my game experience didn’t agree with what I saw/heard most of the time. I also have a strong feeling that if the Director wasn’t married to the main character, the movie might have been slightly less skewed towards a imagining of several characters in one.


I felt the same way with the Mission: Impossible movies vs the old TV show. In the old show, they always had a plan and they always perfectly lead the people to believe what they wanted them to believe. In the movies, all of this “Mole in the agency” and “plans not going according to plan” is NOT what Mission: Impossible was about so even though the movies were good, I hated them for being Mission: Impossible


I think lots of movies did bad because of their title alone. Jackie Chan’s Karate Kid for example being a big one. It wasn’t Karate. It wasn’t in Japan. Never mind Jaden Smith can’t act, but Jackie Chan’s character was really well done. I think if it was called something else it might’ve worked. Same thing with a lot of ‘bad reboots’. Day the Earth Stood Still was a terrible reboot, but on it’s own it might have been able to do well. Homage is one thing, redoing and changing seems needlessly un-needed.


I think it is possible to work out nicely, more so, I think, as a series. Four or five episodes long, showing each monster and different hunters in each one. The hunters going through the gamemodes in the game.

Realistically, it won’t happen. Too much of a possibility of failure. Movies and video games are drastically different.

Look at the BioShock movie, it ended up dying early on due to budget constraints.


I think that Evolve could work as a B rate horror type movie.


If there was anyone I would want to direct this it would be Guillermo Del Torro, he’s really good at fleshing out back stories that add to the main one, that and his creativity is freakin GENIUS!


I think he also does monster movies pretty well. Peter Jackson would be another good choice with Kong.


Even big games like Halo have trouble making their way on the big screen. Wasn’t there suppose to be a Halo movie out years ago before it got screwed?


Ya. There was a bit of a leaked trailer of sorts. Didn’t really go anywhere. Not too sure the reasons why. Speaking of movie, did everyone see the proposed Deadpool trailer/demo of sorts? Here I’ll link it.
NSFW (Not safe for work)


I love that trailer and watched it like 50 times when it got sent out. This movie should happen. Fact.


Deadpool has found a new way to be annoying, having a voice that sounds very familiar but you can’t quite place it… This is going to keep me up tonight isn’t it? :smile:


Deadpool voice spoilers to help you sleep easier.

It’s Ryan Reynolds. He’s been in a lot of movies.


Speaking from experience here, a game like Evolve would have a very hard time in production if it was ever commissioned.
The script would be one of the hardest parts, since you can’t fall back on a big solid single player to move you along, (TLoU movie).
Multiplayer based games just do not go hand in hand with films.


it’s ryan reynolds sounding and acting kind of like jim carrey