Evolve Movie Ideas


Hello all, I have been thinking for a while now, and I have compiled a list of ideas for what a Evolve movie would have if it was ever made.
To starts this off, the movies would be made by tier level. So the first movie would have the first tier, second would have 2nd tier, etc.
#Movie 1
Should take place on Fusion Plant.
Markov needs to not be a idiot. He shouldn’t be Einstein, but he should be at least high school level smart.
Hank should’t be a stereotype redneck, he is obviously smart enough to have access to an orbital nuke!
Maggie needs backstory, and it should be one of the main points of the movie. I want scenes of Factor being destroyed, friends being killed, and Daisy and her escaping.
Val should be smart and not a damsel in distress. In fact, she is the medic, she should be saving the others!
Someone (I would hope Val) must be put on Daisy, and be sent to be evac because of injuries. Whether they escape is a different story.
The Goliath will have to be CGI, but Motion Capture wouldn’t hurt.
Goliath must be seen at all stages, mostly at stage 2.
Most of the movie should be at stage 2, with a climax at stage 3.
Hunters must win.
Hunt should take a day or two. Take time to pace out the movie and develop friendships.
Daisy must be adorable.
#Movie 2
Should take place on either Dam or Distillery.
Laz should be main backstory.
More info about Mutagen wars from Hyde and Laz.
Griff tells tales of hunts and how media has over hyped him.
Laz should die in the end.
Kraken should attempt to have Motion Capture.
Have Kraken fight a stage 1 and nearly kill off someone, only to have Laz pick them up.
Kraken fights at stage 2-3 times and eventually kill La while he sacrifices himself to resurrect Hyde.
Griffen, Hyde, and Bucket avenge Laz by killing Kraken at stage 3.
#Movie 3
Should take place on either Orbital Drill, barracks, or Wraith Trap.
Parnell should use the drugs several times, getting meaner and more aggravated after each use.
Parnell and Abe should have a believable friendship.
Abe should see what Parnell becomes after a few uses of the drugs.
Cabot should have a deep backstroy with his Marshall career and his wife dying.
Caira needs to be a scientist and should try to get samples from time to time.
Wraith should avoid hunters at stage 1, but have a scene or two of focus.
Wraith fights, flees, and stays at stage 2 all movie long.
Cabot may die, but I am not sure if he should.
#Movie 4
Movie should take place on Broken Hill Foundry.
Sunny should be adorable, but not too annoying.
Torvold should be serious at all times, but not a deadbeat.
Slim and Torvold should have conversations on how Torvold became a cyborg.
We NEED deep backstory on Slim and his internal struggle with what he is.
Crow should be silent most of the film. (that means no Gobi come here spam)
Behemoth needs to be terrifying.
Behemoth should kill off at least 1, if not 2 people.
Torvold should get his revenge, whether he dies or not.
Sunny should mature as the movie goes along.

What do you think? What would you want in an Evolve movie? What did I leave out?
Here ya go @SledgePainter


These all sound amazing. I’d pay to see the Laz movie.


The monster should win at least once as in real life, the monsters would be nigh unstoppable. Even in the game, the best hunters can lose.


I never did say that the Wraith or Behemoth would lose. :wink:


When tier 5 and 6 come out, this could be the next star wars XD