Evolve movie idea


Evolve movie let’s say that the tier 1 Hunters would battle the tier 1 monster tier 2 same way 3,4,5 same way I want an evolve movie who is with me


Is each tier like…a sequel? Cause that would be horribly expensive.
I’m all for an Evolve movie…as long as it’s animated the same way with the same voice actors.


Nope a different part in the movie


I kind of like that idea. But not in anime style, just the normal, realistic style Evolve has going on


Oh please no anime.
And TRS needs to be overview info the project…so everything is exact


Well there’s probably gonna be something different. It’s like most book to movie adaptations. They’re never really exactly like the book. That’s not to say the movie is bad, but its just the directors freedom.




What the actual fuck?


LOL I found this months ago, don’t remember where. Maybe DeviantArt.