Evolve MOTD or MOTW


So lately I’ve been playing tons of Overwatch and Smite and one of my favorite components is the Mode of the Day or Weekly Brawl. It changes up the game and creates interesting gameplay changes. Maybe one week have only assaults on arena or lower damage for everyone including the monsters. Maybe make it so there are low cooldowns. I know this might be hard in an asymmetric multiplayer game, but is there a possibility we’ll see something like this?


Evolve would be much too complex to add a system like that, changing numbers and limiting 1 hunter/monster.

Instead, there were weekend challenges where you could earn skins in various ways.

@LadieAuPair Will there still be Challenge Weekends and stuff?


if there’s anything i’ve learned from following these forums is that the devs actually listen to our suggestions, even if the people who respond just want to say ‘it can’t be done’.

i love this idea and imagine that they will implement something like this in the future, especially if this stage 2 takes off (and it looks like it is!)


Still planning on doing challenges!

As for the Overwatch brawl system, not out of the question, but not something we support currently.


Please consider it! My friends have always wanted to be able to do low cooldown games and games as just Bucket or just Hyde. Maybe even two monsters :wink: It’s been shown possible.