Evolve Monsters as Dark Souls Bosses


Well as an Evolve player I’d sit back and grab some popcorn to watch the rage.

As a Dark Souls player… “Well s**t…”

Would be fun regardless.


I don’t play Dark Souls. ^.^


Why comment then?

On the other hand, I can see how they would fit as bosses in Demon/Dark Souls/Bloodborne


Because, maybe I can learn some stuff about Dark Souls. ^.-

I hear allot about it, wondering how it is.



Well-- Actually, I think Bloodborne is a better place to start. Much faster paced and much less number-y.


Ted seems to like Bloodborne. I hear it’s painfully hard though. :stuck_out_tongue:


My friends talk about Dark Souls constantly, but I’ve never played it.
I don’t know if anyone else gets this impression, but it seems like a “look how tough I am for playing video games” kind of deal.


Well, play it and then maybe you’ll understand. I don’t think people play it for bragging rights-- they’d get discouraged way too fast.

No, instead, I think that people who play Dark Souls games are just masochists.


Very possible! As I say, I’m pretty uninformed.

One thing that -does- look cool about the Souls games is the PvP! Seems very gladiatorial from some YouTubers I’ve seen (OnlyAfro in particular).


There’s plenty of arenas to fight it, but most of the time, you get invaded by others during regular play. You can also summon ( or be summoned ) to have some… jolly cooperation! It’s not all PvP. Oh and well, of course, you can go invade others yourself if you want! I think it’s the best part of dark souls. The multiplayer. It’s pretty seamless.


That sounds really cool. Maybe I’ll check it out when Scholar of the First Sin goes on sale. :grinning:


Aside from Dark Souls being awesome I want to hear some input on how it would be to be a guy with only a Non-Super-Manly weapon as your form of defense.

Now if people are curious to Dark Souls I am currently broadcasting via twitch (check my profile) and am currently fighting a b**ch of a Dragon…

Although I think I’d fear Wraith or Kraken the most.


Have you played Bloodborne? I feel like the Wet Nurse is basically Wraith incarnate. Look her up on youtube or something if you don’t mind spoilers. That fight is amazing.


I’d like to play Bloodborne but I’m on SeXbox so…


Make it Bloodborne so you can heal more than DS2 that’ll bring the casuals in.


I think it would work better with bloodborne. the evolve monsters move way to fast for dark souls lol. and behemoth would just roll on you :frowning:
I want monster hunter monsters on evolve tho :slight_smile:


I can see it already… Pre-Patch Wraith vs Pre-Patch Smavel Monster…

Glass Cannon vs Super Sponge…

The question would be how much could Smavel soak?


Ah my two gaming addictions. Seriously. Evolve for shooters and Souls for RPG’s. Jolly cooperation!