Evolve monster wait times on Xbox one

Are the wait times still horrifically bad I haven’t been on in like a month and really want to play monster games ?


Changing this to general as it’s not a bug report, but a question. Sorry, can’t answer as I play on PC. :c

yep, I cant play hunt with monster, I can only play Skirmish to get up in the leaderboards:( Hunter wait times are still bad too, try skirmish, 10-20seconds and im in a game:D

That’s a bit encouraging to hear that it’s the hunt 2.0 playing up, then there being no players on Xbox one

Yes, monster wait times on Xbox one are still bad. It will probably only get worse with the release of Gorgon.

Hopefully they can patch it or something it’s a known issue

I dont think its something they can patch, i think its just too many people wanting to be the monster

Weirdly I’ve managed to play 2 games on hunt 2.0 got straight into one after a game on skirmish and then it said fewer waiting time for monster and got into my second game in around 1 min or so! So it works when it wants to work ?! Haha

Well there was the whole thread concerning wait times so hopefully but not getting my hopes up

Weird haha, wish that would happen to me, I want up in the ranks. Sadly, wont work for hunters, as i have no team:(

Geez even hunter times are bad now it’s been fine most of this afternoon, there has to be something that can be done , coz sometimes you find hunters then the monster really quick so surely if your on the monster side it be as quick as gathering a team ?!

Gathering a team seems to be working for most people (never tried it) I stopped playing hunt a while ago, the teams i was playing with, i just got stuck in Bronze.