Evolve Monster Race Edition for 14.99€


Hi folks,

Just heard about this sale. Evolve Monster Race Edition is available for 14,99€ at here.

Have fun! :wink:


Okay, I that actually a comma meaning thousand? Or is that just what people do in Europe?


I believe that is a typo.


Then I mus fix!

I’m such a grammer nut


I was going to ask if that word was banned from here I guess it is

I didn’t ask because I thought it was okay to say in there

Anyways thank you ^.^


Also sale on on xbox. Not that good, but still worth every penny in my opinion


I think the comma is more commonly used instead of decimal point in parts of Europe, especially eastern



Yep, when I was studying for math I noticed that :stuck_out_tongue:


We (Georgian) don’t have any official standard. That’s why I used dot at the title and comma in the text to treat both regions equally. :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it a safe site to buy from? Did anyone get it from them?


i wish it were cheaper. i wouldn’t mind dropping 10 bucks for an additional copy of vanilla evolve on ps4.

as for grammar fascism, that’s not linguistics, just pedantries and prescriptivism from the petit bourgeois. you ruin dinner conversations and delay tori amos’ new album. plz stahp.


Yep, it’s safe to purchase from.