Evolve Monster ideas tweeted at me in Spanish


These literally made my day:


All right guys, who’s up to the task of drawing something like this? Imagine the person who tweeted this suddenly gets a tweet back from TRS with the art :smiley:


I absolutely love google translate

And everything it brings


First thing that came to mind…


I asked for suggestions and I ended up with someone giving me Memes as an ability.


Totally think a monster should have the skill of a Bear. You should employ this genius TRS. :+1:


@Bot We have a job for you!


My boy in UI has it!

Danks Schmuck! You da best!


Okay that second one is pretty badass. Are you going to tweet these back??


Please do! :grin:


I cant even draw a stick figure. Damn talented people.


What exactly is a canine brain monster with the ability of a bear? A canine with a big brain? A brain with canine thoughts? And what abilities does a bear possess?



I did noticed that he means Cerberus, the three headed dog, although I don’t know what he means with “la habilidad de un oso”, like, specifically what ability? :laughing:


: D ? I honestly don’t know. xp


Already done son! haha


It all makes much more sense now… Damn you GOOGLE!


The ability of a bear may be my new favorite description. :laughing: Though all I can picture is a big dog thing going “OH BOTHER” in the most menacing way possible.

That second one sounds like a manticore and hippogriff fused together. Manticores are flying reptile scorpion lions, and hippogriffs are eagle horses. Still, that’s quite an amalgamation!


Bears can hibernate, catch fish, stand up on two legs, look adorable.



Hmmm…I’m convinced