Evolve Mode like Evacuation but more geared towards the monster


I played the alpha and the beta and am in love with the game. Playing evacuation was a lot of fun. But left me with lots of unanswered questions about the monsters. I think it would be awsome if they added another campaign later in the game called extermination. In this instead of putting their tails between thier legs and running the hunters begin a offensive on the monsters. With new game modes where the monster is on the defensive. Instead of having stationary turrets they could have drones who move towards the objective. They could add some new modifiers or perks aswell. It would have 5 days/rounds like evacuation but on the last day instead defend it do of be called assault. The hunter along with some drones would advance on the monsters Queen/Main nest. They would break though walls instead of generators. And the monster along with its minions would be on the defensive. the monster could regen health at its base or maybe even respawn in a egg as a lower evolved monster. This would be a awsome way to learn more about he awsome unique monsters while also changing it up giving the game more variety. what are your thoughts?



That will be all.


Maybe they could introduce a bunch of new hunters like this, like The Crew 2 comes in after the evacuation campaign (hunters win) to try and save them, and get rid of the monsters via this other type of campaign


would love it but it wont happen


I wouldn’t mind an Extinction mode or something like what your describing


It could happen. definably not at launch but I think evolve will last awhile and they could add it as a dlc later on.


Great idea, could introduce 4 new modes that are centered more around the monster hunting. Modes like infection and what you described could come with this new campaign type mode, where the monster is kind of the “good guy”


This could be one of the famed, free DLC modes! Let’s cross our fingers, friends.