Evolve Mobile Game Badges


Can someome tell me where the hell are my badges from the evolve mobile game that i grinded my a$$ off , and it wasn’t even a good game ,but i did it for the badges , yet i can’t see them in my game? My account its linked also to the 2k thingy option.

Anyone else didn’t get their badges? Did they just forget about their mobile game and the rewards from playing it?


I believe they got removed? Or added to the current progression system, Not sure


The badges from Hunter’s Quest, and the Arctic skins from their events, have all been put into the new progression system so you will now need to unlock them.


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Okay, I’ll stop derailing

Anyways, I think they got removed as well because since they couldn’t keep the game up there is no way to tell who had what same reason they did the “Removing everyone’s progression”


Wait, they removed elite skins?!


No, they’re still there, just put into the new progression system

Ninja’d ya @TheMountainThatRoars


You’ll need to unlock them again due to the revised progression system.


Oops, what I meant was they deleted everyone’s progression…don’t know why I said that I’ll fix it


How? How? How?

(stupid 10char bullshit).


Reach lvl 20 with that character


We’re OT anyways, so fuck it. What does leveling up bring to the table? Except elite skin of course.


We need to re-grind our elite skins? Oh boy, Crow and Jack are gonna be a pain in the a$$


OT? A better progression system, rewards that come with it, there’s also prime skins


Prime Skin also :wink: It’s like a faded version of the TRS Gold Skin, unlocks perks, adds Keys, badges. If you play long enough you will get cool things such as Goliath Platinum Skin (Anyone else have this skin?)


I thought Crow was easy enough, I had severe problems with maggie, laz and val though


Platinum…? Show me…


Well it’s different, instead of masteries is a level up, so just play long enough and boom you’re there


I beleive this is how it goes now…

Daily Sign-In Rewards (day 2) is the Goliath Platinum skin @The_Specialist

Character level 35 unlocks the old elite skins
Character level 40 unlocks the new prime elite skins