Evolve: MOBA or FPS?


Title says it all, my doubt is indeed what genre is evolve. This question isn’t as obvious as many may think, that’s why i want to know your opinions about this.


It’s in a genre of it’s own


If I need to chose between those 2, I’d say FPS. But as above, it’s really a genre of it’s own



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I could give you my answer, but then some jerk (like me) will try to deliberately disagree with me. Unless that doesn’t happen, in that case I’d be severely disappointed with the forum.


It’s an evolution of Gaming

FPS is one aspect … TPS is the second aspect

I think it’s a genre of its own


I would not classify Evolve as a MOBA; sure it has elements of one but not enough to put it in the category IMO.

Overall I would classify the game as an FPS.

BUT, Defend mode definitely feels like a MOBA.


A MOBA is basically the opposite of an open world game with the additon of deathmatch.
So techically Evolve is a MOBA, but so is Counter Strike and CoD.

Multiplayer online battle arena is a really, really loose definition and it’s not limited (but mostly used to refer) to RTS lane based games like Dota and League.



Just an FPS with Moba Elements


its 4 person shooter mlg 4v1 no scopes


Assymetrical class based shooter.

I really don’t see the MOBA in the game at all (except the comment on defend). Character classes, assymetry, push/pull based gameplay and lanes have been in shooters long before MOBAs even existed.


It’s Evolve. There’s nothing like it. The only genre it can be put into is FPS, but that doesn’t cover the whole game.


Why not



SMOBA…This reminds me the SNASA…


I would have to say this.
Does it even need a genre? I would say close to a first person shooter.

Playing monster actually makes me think more of old platformer games.


Defend might be moba’ish.

But thats about it.

Evolve is not a moba.



I dunno. Just throwing a suggestion out there. Let’s invent a good one and declare what genre Evolve is :slightly_smiling:


What about just AMP?
Asymmetrical MultiPlayer.


##For me Evolve is an action adventure.

You run around and explore the world. On your way you have to fight some small or big NPCs and sometimes they drop a buff that you can pick up and that helps you against the stronger NPCs. After a while you encounter a boss fight. When you are about to beat him, he runs away to become stronger for the next fight. As in any good adventure, you’ll fight your arch enemy at three stages. The last fight is obviously the hardest one – he has more and stronger attacks and it’s more difficult to dodge. You have to use all your abilities and make use of the tactics and strategies you learned up until now. If you rush to the last boss fight though, you might lose. If your level is not high enough, you should grind your character a bit more. Those extra 10% damage/utility can make the difference. Once you reached the highest level and learned all counter strategies and weaknesses, you’ll be able to beat the final enemy.

Action adventures are my favorite genre :slightly_smiling:


Beard Sandwich Simulator.