Evolve mkx


i am gonna be off the fourms and the game for a while see you guys soon and have a fun time if you want to watch mt play mkx mutiplayer storymode kyrpt and towers watch my twitch channel hohoho479 and add me on ps4 hohoho479 i will be playing mortal kombat x when it realeases


u added me right? ill be on tomoro. playing a tourney tonight lol. no one can play a second of the game until the tourney starts. its gonna be stupid but fun lol


ok im back i am 65-23


who you using right now? I just beat the story so now its time to find a main.

im liking liu kang, kung jin and raiden right now. but i have to wait and see after hitting practice for combos


i m 148wins and 44 loses i use scorpion kenshi sub zero and goro


scorpion hellfire kenshi blnced sub zero the one tht has ice weapons and goro the blade varition


lui kang fire dragon iv only lossed once on ranked i think. havent played alot tho. think im like 10-1.