Evolve Merch?


Anywhere to order the Evolve bracelets, shirts and such? I saw some shirts and they are awesome! I really want to order the “What’s Kraken?” shirt.


There will be a merch store soon, but it is not up yet as far as I know. You can find these things for an unreasonable price online, but I’d personally just wait for the evolve store to open.


I got a bracelet and a shirt when i won playing the Kraken :stuck_out_tongue: .I dont know if u can get them anywhere else except from playing


I’ve already made a thread on this. look for Evolve Merchandise and talk on that, cause it reduces the number of threads on the forums, and helps greatly.


Merchandise Spotted!


You guys see the awesome pic on twitter where a fan shows dedication!



Man there’s more than dedication.I wear this bracelet all day not ONLY because of Evolve but because it also looks awesome :smiley:

PS.im not the guy in the photo :stuck_out_tongue:


wow, that’s awesome!!!


Will you guys sell evolve merch after the release (or even before) ? I know you guys are really busy ( GJ devs , you are absolutly awesome ) , but I wish to own someday a evolve cap , similarly to the caps d.b. sinclair wears in the livestream :smiley: !


2K is supposed to get the online store up and running soon.


So when the store is up and running will the people who got their questions answered on the Live Streams get their Swag stuff too? Is that something you would even know or is that stuff more 2k’s deal?


No idea. I’m not in the loop on that stuff.


Yeah, I figured. Thanks for the response though!