Evolve Menu Questions/Suggestion


I was just wondering how are you guys at TR handling the menu’s and UI in Evolve, as I haven’t seen much of it.

Will it be sort of minimalistic future-tech themed, where you select a picture of a character to pick them, will we have moving menu screens, a start menu, menu themes?

I personally would love to see a menu/character select screen where the you actually see the Hunters on their ship partaking in their hobbies and/or interacting with each other. If you’re selecting a monster, it would be them in different parts of a jungle, hunting, or flying, or doing whatever it is they do. Selecting them makes them do a little animation before you move to the next menu.

This is an idea I got from a cult-hit(it’s like a virtual fight club at this point actually) and favorite online multiplayer game of mine.

Of course, Evolve isn’t as goofy as Anarchy Reigns, but you get the idea. Could be as simple as Hyde playing cards with Maggie, and Bucket piloting the ship, and so on.

Doesn’t have to be any whacky animations.

An even better idea would be to have the ship/jungle be a level that the player(s) can walk around in after selecting a character.

There would be areas and doors and rooms and such acting as entrances to the modes and options of the game.

Like say the cockpit would be the multiplayer or quick match, or the rec room would be for private matches, or there could be a VR training room that works as the entrance for a practice mode and you can walk to each at your choosing.

Really immerses the player into the game and characters.

Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on what they’d like to see in Evolve’s menus?

It’s a very small part of the game, but also a potentially very memorable part as well.