Evolve 'Member Berries


Damn. I really don’t 'member then. Then again, I bought it launch day for PS4 without really knowing what I was getting into :smiley:

Speaking of 'member:

I took that video 1 week after launch. Man, those were good times.


I can’t wait till video game technology improves so much that in game looks as well animated as that trailer is. I hope it does and I live to see it :slight_smile:


'Member incap animations!?

'Member when leaving false tracks was a thing?

'Member sneak starting?


'Member Tyrant Buff on Monster?


I 'member :frowning:


'Member when Wraith was OP?
'Member when Wasteland Maggie was OP?
'Member when monster mains raged about WM?
'Member when the entirety of the tier 4 hunters were OP?


Oh man, I 'member! I want it like that again!


'Member when I wasn’t a thing?


'Member when some monsters were SO sneaky, all you could rely on was Daisy slowly waddling foward sniffing the ground?


Member when you followed Daisy to track monsters


Wat do u mean by proc


Proc is a common term used primarily in game programming to refer to an event - a “process”- triggered under particular circumstances. In other words, explosives would deal extra damage when they hit weak points back in the early days of Evolve. Val sniper + Goliath face + Orbital Barrage OR Torvalds Mortars = Glorious face melting damage.


Wait they did for weak points? Why am I finding this out now ?!


How long did this happen cause I remember learning explosive damage didn’t effect weak points and damage multipliers


Reeeeeaaaallly early on. I think it was one of the first things that was patched out~


Oh so it wasnt with Torvald than. U said his name so I thought it was out for that long and I was “what”


'Member the Archway of Woe pillar on Orbital Drill?


'Member Laz reviving Tyrants to troll their team?



'Member the first, exciting times you were in the dropship?

'Member the dropship music getting your heart going?

I 'Member:


I’m sorry to rez this, but not sorry – member berries are my favorite. :heart:

Member when this thread was first made and rec’d 1.5k views?

I member.