Evolve 'Member Berries


'Member when having a savage Goliath skin made you seem special?


Savagery at its finest


Member when sunny could do more damage than assault I member


'Member when explosives could proc off of weak points?

'Member when those weak points actually meant something?

'Member when fighting the hunters right as they dropped from the ship was viable?


'Member when the Hunters could shoot the Monster off the relay from underneath with explosives?


'Member when elite buffs could spawn at the start and sticking 3 points into one ability at stage 1 was a thing?

Because I sure didn’t until I looked through my old youtube videos. Man this game has changed.


'Member when you evolve behind that building on Wraith trap (where you spawn in Stage2)?

Or better yet, 'member when you could sit on top of that building as Val or Laz and snipe the monster off the relay through that tiny little gap.


Member when hunters could lay down 5 deployables


@Torvald_Stavig 'member your mortar go straight towards the monster?


'Member when evolving close to hunters was actually dangerous, since you took 2x damage and didn’t get half your armor bar for free while you are evolving?


'member when it was okay for some Monsters to counter some Hunters?

Oh wait that’s never been the case.


'Member the crashed spaceship in the tall trees you could hide in on Fusion Plant? You could even Evolve up there!


'Member when you could hide in one spot the whole game and never be found.


Oh shit, I 'member that!


'Member when hiding in a bush was a viable option?


Oh hell I 'member.


'Member when Mother was the theme song for Evolve and Griffin was Tier 1 Trapper


He was? I thought it went Maggie griff then abe.


Griffin was originally intended to be the T1 trapper before release, but it got changed before the big Alpha launched. I think it was down to Maggie being a better trapper to learn how to play the game.


When I first saw the trailer, the end really gave me chills as you saw the monster’s bar just keep going and going. I will always 'Member that.