Evolve 'Member Berries


‘member when Bob had a proper amount a’ health an’ armor?


'Member feeling like a juggernaut one day and then a bullet magnet the next?


'Member @DB_Sinclair and JParty!?

'Member “Squishy, squishy, monster delishy?”

'Member “Hunters of all ages, monsters of all stages?”


Yeah I miss that.

@SledgePainter member when Evolve was Metamorphosis?


'Member when following Daisy was a thing?

@GoGoGoliath Aw yeah I 'Member. Evolve was called Metamorphosis!


Hey, does anyone 'member @Plaff ?


Aww man, I 'Member Plaff, and Slinky Guy, and DamJess…aw man I 'member!


@10shredder00 'member when Wraith was a stealth monster? Aww man, I 'member


Anyone 'member these cute little things? My wife got me one for my birthday!


'Member when you could bait hunters to throw the dome on your decoy?


Aw man I 'member!

Hey! 'member when decoy could use supernova?


'Member when Supernova had its cool visual effects?


'member when lava bomb had multiple droplets?


'Member when you could escape the dome by jumping away at the right time?


'member when the dome didn’t drop all instant-like?


@SledgePainter 'member when Maggie could place five traps AND the mine launcher had three mines on one clip?!

Also, 'member when Laz could revive people without a strike from death… sniff


lol I just watched this episode too. 'Member Buckets UAV?


'Member when the dropship wouldn’t rob Lazarus of a revive?


Me too i member when

member when she could ACTUALLY WIN A GAME EVOLVE!


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhbama the first time I saw the member berries I lost it; this weeks episode was great too. Mackey mvp