Evolve 'Member Berries


I 'member your only hope was to play bots in arena and have Caira be the last on standing because she’d heal herself


I 'member stinking at it :joy:


'Member Aviary!?


Maan, you 'member GORGON Spider Trap masteries?


I 'member that. All 4 hours of it.


'Member your heart breaking when Aviary, Fusion Plant, and Barracks were temporarily removed but look forward to them being released again.



That brings back terrible living nightmares…


'Member Medlab? And Broken Hill? And Fu-Fusion Plant?.. and Refueling Tower… :cry:


'Member when “Sunny, Val, Griffin comp OP” threads were the craze?


Man, Sunny OP threads ought still BE the crazy.

'Member when Sunny wasnt in Evolve?


I 'member how I felt like a fish out of water when I first played Sunny. Shields and JP boost?? I was so lost


But man, 'member when Hank gave you a full health bar of shields?


'Member when you couldn’t ever get a strike on Support because they cloaked constantly?


'Member when people shouted PRE-ORDER CANCELLED! for (Insert totally random reasons here)?



'Member when Laz would prevent strikes unless you ate the body?


Aw yeah man I 'member that shit.

Hey man, 'member when Kraken was the shindig man?


'Member when the Murder Pits had human torsos falling down…or even huge cupcakes!?


'Member playing Bob just because you loved him no matter how many times you got stomped by premades?


'Member when we were all trying to figure out what the third monster was going to be based on blurry images?