Evolve 'Member Berries


(If you’ve seen the latest South Park you’d kinda understand the joke. Feel free to add your own Member berry Evolve moments!)

'Member when the Trapper was the only one that could throw the dome?

'Member when killing the trapper meant the only way for the dome to drop before the timer?

'Member when all Supports could cloak?

(Filmed apparently from a Toaster:)


'Member launch Wraith?


New South Park? Since when?!


Oh yeah, I 'member!

'Member when she could use the decoy and cloak herself?


And then warp blast away while still invisible?

I 'member!


'Member when she could traversal while cloaked


You didn’t tag me! :angry:

'Member when Stage 3 was an advantage state for the Monster?

'Member when 5 deployables were a thing?

'Member Evacuation?

'Member when Behemoth had 17 bars of health and 15 bars of armor?

'Member when a strike was 25% of a Hunter’s health pool?

'Member Tyrants?

'Member masteries for characters?

'Member when Monsters had a bonus damage perk?


The new season started last week. I’m normally not a SP watcher because I find it extremely crude, but then my hubby showed me the 'Member Berries and now I gotta watch.


Sent you a Steam chat yo…go look, haha.


Thanks for the info, I’ll try to catch up on South Park studios


Oh, steam didnt notify me lol


Don’t remind me…I miss them so much :sob:


'Member masteries taking bone-grindingly long and being extremely specific?

Wait…don’t want to 'member that!


'Member Spore Clouds? :cry:


@Terry_Locke 'Member having 5 harpoons as Maggie?

@Buckets_Sentry_Gun "Member having 5 sentry guns?


Yeah, I 'member.

'Member when the fastest way to do ‘em was against bots in defen’ mode?

Had to set it up juuuust right.


'Member when Kraken needed X amount of vortex hits on hunters mid air to reach mastery


Ooo, I 'member it was like 256 or something like that


'Member insert banned word comp?


Oh yeah I 'member!

Hey, you 'Member Hunter’s Quest app?