Evolve Map Ideas


Got Some Map Ideas Feel free to post them here

Abandon City:
The idea is you play in a city overtaken by nature. The City was abandon due to an incident (something that goes with the games story)

Space Station:
The Station is used for scientific purpose studying the alien life on the planet. Has a huge eco-dome where animals can roam and a research lab to study the alien creatures, but after they brought the creature in a cocoon state to a station it broke out and started wreaking havoc.

A place where the water is murky a great place for an amphibian alien to hunt just like crocodile slowly getting closer to its prey then attacks

An idea for a new Map

Massive Cave:
This is of course one that I assume you have considered along with ‘Abandoned City’ and ‘Swamp’. The idea it’s self is simple, a massive cave network with plenty of huge open areas, vaulted ceilings, that support some sort of vegetation.

This is a map concept that would be harder to play out. With less vegetation and highly about diversity in plain height. With a lack of much foliage to hide with, certain balance issues might need to be addressed, but all in all I think if you can make it work a Map that has scarce foliage and vast height changes would be an enjoyable change of pace from standard play. Cave networks could help lessen the blow of living in plain sight.


I’m imagining some sort of ice planet set up here, confusing cave systems, large ice fields, massive snow storms that disorientate and conceal … something like this perhaps:

Have we heard anything about how maps are played out? Are they similar to L4Ds campaigns where the map is spread out over a number of chapters?


what i would love to see is a sea map where the alien monster is actually in the water like a giant shark or something and the hunters have something to be able to breathe inside the water. maybe like a tower underwater for stuff.


Sadly I don’t think that is the direction they are going. It’s possible but I find it unlikely. Though, I agree, it would be interesting.


Some sort of underground level would be cool - especially if there are places the monster can’t fit at later evolution levels, so evolution is both an asset and a hinderance depending how its played


This would be awesome! The hunters in sci-fi space suits! And the monster wearing a space helmet :smiley: haha.

Seriously though, it’s a cool idea. Could play with gravity mechanics. Something almost akin to Super Mario Galaxy?


I’m happy to hear you like my idea for a space station. Didn’t think about the gravity but playing around with it would be awesome just like in dead space.
If this becomes a real level in the game I would be so grateful.


It would be really interesting if they went this route. If the terrain and weather changed certain queues for tracking it could really change the pace and dynamic of the game. Trails may be easier to pick up, but squalls or sudden storms could hide all the tracks and even reduce visibility at certain times. The remote landscape might remove visual queues such as the disturbance of birds, but other indicators could play a role like shifting snowscapes etc.

This would be a lot of work to implement and may not be worth the tradeoff- but it would be really neat to bounce ideas around.


Haha, low gravity would be interesting. Goliath leaps… and never comes down. Hunters win!


An awesome idea could be at the bottom of the ocean! Just like, Rapture from the original Bioshock, it could be built for the same purposes as the space station. It would also be interesting to see some strange underwater aliens as you peek through a porthole. :smiley:


We need snowy mountains and a bear monster !! Markovs homeland!! :markov:


A bear monster would be awesome in combination with that map :slight_smile:


I love the idea of intentionally confusing caverns. That way, it’ll provide a navigational challenge for monster and hunter alike. Almost where it’s so confusing, that the map never gets old, no matter how many times you play it :slight_smile:


Depends on whether there is any background story to the game or not, as that would no doubt tie into what maps they make.

For instance, if these big arse monsters are a result of an alien invasion of some kind, then we could well see a map like a ruined city (probably New York or similar). There is already that jungle one from the gameplay footage I saw. If I were a betting man I’d say a mountainous map would be likely, as you’d always need plenty of places to hide, and weather effects to make it more difficult, so a blizzard on the side of a mountain would probably work well. Underwater might work, but it would have to be in a cavern or something, as just open water would be far too empty and wouldn’t make for much fun/challenge.


How about insted of underwater you do a Island where the boundaries is set at the ocean and whether monster or hunter if you go into the ocean a whale size shark breed alien eats you so you got one side that is a cliff and is not the place to be caught as a hunter for you can be thrown off but as the monster got to be really careful if you leap off or jump wrong well hunters win it could have caves even leading into grottoes where baby shark alien (aliarks?) wait like tyrants and could also feature other beast a huge bird breed for instance or the famous jabberwocky 8) maybe even do a volcano with lava going down one side where a boost giving beast lives. so forest nice sea breeze maybe a spaceship sticking out of the water (ahem pandorum with a achievement What about the Eden? if you star at it for 15sec or something.) and cave networks with a volcano i mean what more could you want from a lvl.


Dunno if we have to stick to earthly looking maps but some real alien looking maps would be very cool. Giant glowing mushroom trees etc. anyone?


That’d be cool. Maybe if it was all underground as well, so the mushrooms stand out more


the mushroom forest would be epic though i think i would have to turn off the music in the lvl and throw on some infected mushroom 8D


I was thinking a similar map idea except it would be similar to the dome map, the center would be a foresty type area with ponds wild life etc etc but surrounding that would be a massive cave system