Evolve makes my computer shut down?


So, this is odd. I got a new PSU, but it’s the same wattage as my previous one. I figured I’d play a round or two to test out the new Elder Kraken, but something very odd happened. First try, I was loading up a solo game, and before I got to the character selection screen, my computer straight up powered off without a warning.

I figured it might’ve been a fluke with the power supply, or just running games in general wasn’t a good idea at the moment, … So I try running another game instead. I run FFXIV just fine, no problem, no weird sounds. So I thought it must’ve been just a one off problem.

I retry Evolve, … I managed to load into the character selection just fine, this time! And I verified the integrity of the game cache, just in case. Everything checked out okay. But as I load into the map, … My monitor stops getting a signal, and my fans go crazy loud. I thought it was overheating, so I checked the temperatures after a reset ( didn’t have a choice to reset my computer ), nothing. No spike in temperature. What gives?

Any idea?

Gonna try to run it for a third time, then I’m giving up until someone posts something to test out here.


It eh… Your PC isn’t bottlenecking is it?


I ran it just fine a few days ago. I only changed my power supply, and even kept the same wattage, nothing else. It’d make no sense.


Did you change out all the cables?


Of course I did. I’m running -every- other game just fine. It’s just Evolve. It’d break down on any other game if it really was a hardware issue.


Alright, giving it a third try. Wish me luck and let’s hope it was just real bad luck.


Just making sure.

My next guess was the CPU overheating, but you said it is fine with other games.


Since the only thing you have changed is the PSU, that is where I assume your issue lies.

It’s going to be a right pain, but I might try swapping in the old PSU if its still working.


Alright. This time I tried to go into the tutorial for a quick load, and… complete shut down again. I’m a bit bummed out.

I think it might have to do with my BIOS settings, as they recently got reset… I’ll try to look into that. I would rather not have to switch back to my old PSU, it’s kinda dying and it’d be silly to swap out every time I want to play some Evolve. D:


Well I just meant it as a test to see if there is an issue with the new PSU.


Yeah. I’ll give that a shot. If it doesn’t work, I’m pretty sure it’s got something to do with my BIOS.


Just had a thought. What if my video drivers got wiped during the CMOS reset? Would that be possible?


It’s worth trying to update them!


Do you know what your CPU temps are under load/gaming? Also what brand and model is your PSU?


HUUURGH. Nope. Updating my video drivers did not work.

I literally just got it today cause my old PSU was showing signs of failure. It’s this one right here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817148038

And it’s the same wattage as my old one, which I don’t even think I can recognise the brand anymore because it was so damn old.

I’m running on a gtx 970, 8 gigs of ram, yaddayadda, … it ran fine before I reset the CMOS battery and switched the PSU. It hasn’t been a day and I miss playing Evolve already. AAAAAA. AAAAAAA!


ohyeah and my CPU temp is around 47C, more or less. It doesn’t even have -time- to overheat though, I barely started the game and it just shuts down as it’s done loading the map. I don’t get to see in-game.


Yeah, the PSU you got is of bad quality. REFUND immediately.

While this isn’t some sort of master guide to buying a PSU it’s a good reference to use: http://i.imgur.com/tgrbCnr.jpg

The manufacturer you bought from is marked at the lowest tier in terms of quality/reliability and considering you got a hefty gaming build it’s probably stressing the fuck out of it.

I suggest an EVGA G2 Supernova 650 Watt PSU (it’s what I use), you’ll pay more but it’s always HIGHLY recommended you spend extra on a quality PSU to prevent failures like this as it can really damage your PC.



I was thinking that. I was just in a hurry to get it to work and I went to pick it up without checking my sources. I did ask the lady if I could refund it if anything didn’t work fine, she said there’d be no problem if I did. And I think that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. Just a shame, I guess.


Understandable, but hopefully nothing was damaged from these power failures. Refund asap, buy the one I recommend and don’t game until your PSU is replaced.

Always research and buy a quality power supply cause it’ll fuck your PC over.

This is the one I use: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817438054&cm_re=evga_g2_gold_650--17-438-054--Product

Or if you’re a bit tight on budget here’s a 550 watt version: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817438053&cm_re=evga_g2_gold_650--17-438-054--Product


Yea you can even see in one of the reviews on new egg they talk about having power failures and resets when using more than 80% of the output. The GTX 970 minimum is 500 watts, but cheap PSUs will have their max wattage output decrease as they get hot. Evolve is a very graphically intense game and that cheap PSU just can’t keep up with the power draw.