Evolve Love quotes


Right now where I’m at, it’s valentines day! Happy Valentines day everyone!

So I was thinking, who else here can make cheesy Evolve love quotes?

I thought of this while I was waiting for a match on Evolve and people were complaining about the matchmaking. “You can’t find a match because I’m your match.” :wink:

An Evolve guide to flirting

Oh god this seems right up my alley. Give me a minute to figure something out.


“My love for you has evolved to stage 3, and it’s not getting domed anymore.”

That’s the best I came up with.

Far worse is “VALENTINES ABDUCTION” but I get the feeling that’s going to be seen less as an adorable long range cuddle and more of kidnapping.


That is truly beautiful.

Okay, that one is a work of art.

Yes. Yes, it is…

My own would be… uh… “Hey, I just domed you…and this is crazy… but you’re a Monster… So fight me maybe?!”

Because of all the Monsters that never engage. : /

So we have the lines, now we just need some nice guys/gals to use them on us.

Also, of course it would be you making this thread, Fluffington. :wink:


…I’m telling the stage 3 one to my girlfriend tomorrow morning. It’s settled.


“Is there a Kraken around? Because I feel the sparks around.”

@MidnightMonash was there any doubt? :wink:


Does she play/watch/know about Evolve? If so, great.

I like it too, but not as good as the other one you had. And no, there was no doubt.

I really spend too much time here… but I’ll have my copy soon, so yeah. :smile:


“If you were a monster, I’d be the trapper.”


She watches me play it on screenshare. XD


“I wish I was a Wraith… Only then can I abduct your heart.”


This one is kind of creepy. :frowning:

And now, of course, in the hour or so my game is installing, I have to be here. Ah well, it’s an amusing thread. Just keep it clean, kay?


If you were an assault I’d be your personal shield.

Girl I’m falling for you like a Kraken in stasis.


Yes ma’am, I had no intention of it going awry anyway.

“A medic can heal your body, I can heal your heart.”


Those two are brilliant. One thing though… why were they in reply to me? :wink:

…Medic, you’re slacking!


“Val and Caira can keep you’re hearts going, but I can stop it from breaking.” - Lazarus


…I would have swooned (sarcastic face) but Lazarus is a creepy, ugly old man. : /


hmm… “You want my heart? Hah! I kill Goliath and give you his heart! Bigger than mine!” - Markov


I can actually imagine Markov using that one. Noice.


Goliath is red
Kraken is blue
I’d love to go on a hunt with you.


I’m hoping to make Valentine quotes for each Hunter.

“Is it hot in here? or is just me? Just kidding it’s actually the thermostatic heat of the Volcano that heats up the body to a molecular level.” - Caira, gotta love that nerd