Evolve lost a player


goodbye folks not coming back till fundamentals are fixed/people start acting more professional


Bye Tyler. See ya around.


Give evolve a couple months, I blame everyone who wanted the game so early before it was done? We knew from the beta that evolve wasn’t goig to be ready by Feb 10 :frowning:


I’m close to the same, unfortunately.


Goodbye. Guys you are just going to cry when you keep making these posts about leaving :cry:





This will be my last post, the evolve release date was pushed back if you werent already aware, i think it was supposed to come out 2014


Correct. It was originally slated to come out Oct. 2014. That being said, best wishes Tyler. Maybe you’ll pick up Evolve again down the road when some new maps, dlc etc is out and have a better experience :slight_smile:


About this, can you say ANYTHING about upcoming hunters and monsters O.o
pretty please!


This came up RIGHT after I posted…is it towards me O.o


Why should I pay anyone another cent until I can be sure that i wont disconnect or freeze or actually load into a game


Why yes… yes I can… The secret is just between friends.

There will be 1 new monster and at least 2 new hunters!


its for the mod who wanted to act nice in public but sanctimonious in private


…He was nice to you, and you insulted him.

That’s more than I’d give you. You said you were leaving?



That doesn’t mean that it was done?


you’re one of his friends I’d expect nothing less than you to stick up for your cyber pal, but I actually have a life and dont get enjoyment out of ganging up on people so im leaving this site


Says the person who is baiting people into an argument,if you are leaving, just leave, if you don’t like the game, we don’t need you here, hope you pick it up again later,but until then, goodbye.


I’m not one of his friends.

I’m one of your enemies.

Get out.


Says the person, who again is on the forums for a game you do not like