EVOLVE:Looking for people to play with?



Looking for people to play with? I have created a gaming channel on twich to reach out to people looking for a group. Or to just simply have more people to play the same fps’s. Join a live broadcast of people playing EVOLVE.

(hFpstormtrooper) on (Twich) or (Xbox One). Add me or follow the channel. Send me a message that your looking for people playing EVOLVE. Or jump on the live stream and have me send you and invite.

We all play a mix of fps’s and you are more than welcome to join.

hFpstormtrooper on Xbox one and twitch


To the moderator of this forum… I did say I needed to make another thread do to my GT change. I think I understand how it works and again I am sorry about before.


No. You can edit your original post. Please stop creating new threads. Use your original one and edit it if need be.